Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Boyfriend for my Sissy Husband -- part 3

Saturday arrived and Danielle was sticking to his pile of lies, claiming the he and Martin would be spending a day downtown doing all sorts of cultural things.  In reality, I knew the two of them were going to check into The Inn at the Pier for a romantic rendezvous.  I was so disgusted with Danielle for his lies and for being so easy to manipulate.  Letting a man he had just met convince him to spend the day in bed together having sex!  I could barely believe this was happening, even though it was all happening according to plan. 

Danielle dressed the part for his date of museums and lunch and theater.  He wore a very pretty cream colored skirt and a fitted white jacket. Danielle had asked my to buy him some new bone colored high heels to complete his look. Danielle looked wonderful. His outfit was conservative and stylish at the same time. There was a slight chill in the air, so he also wore a lightweight black coat.

Off they went, not to downtown like Danielle said, but to the lake where Martin had made a reservation for a room for the day at "The Inn" which is a really exclusive and expensive hotel. When they arrived at the front desk, Danielle started to get nervous and have second thoughts. But when the receptionist greeted them as "Mr. and Mrs. Rittenhouse," Danielle felt yet a new surge of excitement and feminine delight that the receptionist really believed that he was Martin's wife!

They went up to their room.  They had very little with them; Martin had brought only a small bag and Danielle only had his purse, although he managed to stuff a few extra essentials in it without me noticing -- or so he thought. The first thing Danielle did was to go into the bathroom and put on the diamond heart necklace that Martin had given him; he had been afraid to put on before leaving home.

Martin wasted no time.  He took Danielle in his arms and started hugging and kissing him, saying all sorts of things to him about what a beautiful 'woman' he is and how he wished Danielle could really be his 'wife.' The experience was overwhelming to poor naive Danielle - the fancy room, the view of the lake, and most of all, the strong, confident gentleman who was seducing him.

"Danielle," Martin whispered in his ear, "Let's go to bed."  Danielle nodded and giggled enthusiastically in response.


  1. love this story so much xx
    love your blog very good xxx

    1. It's heavenly isn't it. So delicious