Friday, March 11, 2016

4 Million Page Views! Get Ready for a Sissy Celebration!

Congratulations all you Sissies, Admirers, Masters and Mistresses! We have now reached 4 million page views! Isn't that wonderful!  I want to personally thank all of you for visiting my site and making this blog such a success.

Obviously, this proves just how many sissies are living out there -- all around the world -- in need of a firm, guiding hand to help them on their sissy journeys and to fulfill their sissy destinies.

Now it is time to celebrate!  I want all you Sissies reading this to join in our worldwide celebrations -- just like Sissy Ginger is doing.  I sent Sissy Ginger an email earlier with instructions. And Sissy Ginger is very obedient and will exactly as he is told.

First you need to do your hair and make-up. It has to be perfect for tonight.  Make sure those pouty, pretty lips are red and glossy -- your mouth will be definitely be put to work tonight!

Then put on your sexiest undies. Look at how pretty Sissy Ginger looks in his bra and panties!  Sissy Ginger has been on a strict diet for the last six months and it has really paid off, don't you think?  And he has tucked his little sissy clitty away so well -- you can hardly see any bulge at all in his pretty panties.

Did you buy a special dress for tonight?  Sissy Ginger bought two. Which do you think he will wear tonight?  I hope he picks the silver one.  I love how it sparkles!  I know he will get extra attention tonight if he wears that one.


Sissy Ginger grabs his purse and his car keys and heads out to the big party. Tonight there are going to be big celebrations for our 4 million page views in LA, New York, Miami, Berlin, Marseilles, Hong Kong and Sydney! Sissy Ginger lives in Miami and  has been instructed to go to the club on South Beach that I have reserved for tonight.  The club will be filled with sissies and Admirers.  There will be music, an open bar -- and no rules!

Sissy Ginger will get a lot of attention at the club tonight because he is such a beautiful sissy. Men will be competing with each other for the opportunity to flirt with him, to dance with him, to run their hands over his soft, slender body.

Oh dear, it looks like Sissy Ginger has been drugged and taken back to some man's home.  Sissy Ginger's night is going to start getting really freaky now!  I think that's the perfect way to celebrate!  

Tell me, Sissies, how are you going to celebrate our 4 million page views?  Remember Sissies, you are required to leave comments to express your sissy feelings for all the world to see!

Lots more weird and wonderful Sissy stories coming soon!  


  1. Love the progression....really made me squirm Linda

  2. i love the girl inside me that is gradually helping me leave my male self in the past. A sissy and feeling like i am finally coming home. Such pretty dresses. And of course i love the bra and panty set!