Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Boyfriend for my Sissy Husband -- Part 1

There comes a point in the development of every sissy when you need to introduce men into the equation.  I realized this about a year ago regarding my own sissy husband. Danny -- or Danielle -- has always been a loving husband. But at home when we are alone together, he is also a totally submissive, feminine -- and very pretty -- sissy.  I don't mind.  If he wants to dress up in a frilly French maid outfit and wait on me hand and foot, why not? I learned to enjoy my role as a dominant -- a lot.  For him, the fantasy was complete; he was fulfilled by being my feminized servant, wearing high heels, make-up and dresses -- and enduring my abuse.

But I realized the fantasy wasn't complete for me.  I wasn't fulfilled.  My domination of him was beginning to feel tired and unoriginal.  What's the point of being a dom if your sub enjoys every minute of the experience? I needed to take this to another level.  And to do that, Danielle would need a man.

When I say "a man", I don't mean some casual grouping or kissing in a bar. Every dom makes her sissy do that stuff.  No, I'm talking about sending your little sissy on an emotional journey that will positively crush him.

First, I needed to find a man for my sissy.  If you think it might be hard to find a boyfriend for your sissy, forget about it!  It took me about 15 minutes on the Internet to find about a dozen promising candidates for the job of Danielle's lover.  I interviewed several and selected one man that I thought would be perfect.   He was tall and masculine, very fit and muscular.  He was older and looked and acted like the rich and powerful executive that he is. His voice was deep and his eyes were dark and penetrating and he had an air of power and confidence that felt very manly.  I might have slept with myself but I reminded myself that this guy was for my sissy.  Most importantly, he was willing to follow my instructions and thought my little "game" would be fun.

When I told Danielle that I intended to introduce him to a man, Danielle nearly had a fit.  "I'm not gay!" He protested. I slapped him hard for raising his voice to me.  But then I regained my composure and answered, "Of course you're not, dear. But you are a pathetic, submissive, girly sissy. And little sissies like you need to have the experience of being with a real man, to help you fully realize how weak and pathetic and submissive you are. So you will go out with whoever I select for you and you will behave like the total sissy girl you are. And in the end you will better understand who you are and what your purpose in life is."

Danielle was close to tears but he knew he was powerless to fight back. "And the best news," I cheerfully announced, "is that you are going out on your first sissy date on Friday night!" Danielle had no idea that I had already made all the arrangements before I even mentioned the idea!

After he regained a bit of composure, Danielle asked me, "Does he know that I'm...I'm...I'm...not really a girl?"

"Of course he knows you're a sissy," I answered. "He's really into sissy girls like you so you have nothing to worry about." But of course, Danielle did worry -- he nearly worried himself to death. He was positively dreading being sent out on a date with a strange man!

Danielle was a nervous wreck all week. We spent hours going through his wardrobe and selecting his outfit for his first date. I talked endlessly about what to expect on his date, dos and don'ts, and on and on. The more I talked, the more anxious he became.

When the big day came, Danielle spent most of the afternoon at the beauty salon getting the works done -- hair, nails, make up, waxing -- everything.  The girls at the salon teased him mercilessly about going out on his first date. Poor Danielle was growing more terrified by the hour. But when 7:00 arrived, my Danielle looked so pretty.  His hair and make-up were perfect. He looked so elegant in a pale gold outfit I had bought for him. The top was gathered at the neck and showed off his pretty, delicate arms and shoulders. I even let him borrow some of my gold jewelry to complete his outfit.

Danielle's "date", Martin Rittenhouse, showed up right on time. I ushered him in to meet Danielle and Martin gallantly greeted Danielle with a little peck on the cheek. Even through his make-up I could see that Danielle was blushing. Martin was the perfect gentleman -- so charming and so handsome in a charcoal suit.  Martin told Danielle several times how pretty "she" looked and how delighted he was to be with "her."  I could tell the Martin was already having an effect on Danielle; he was weakening before my eyes by the attention and compliments of this very handsome and masculine suitor.

So off they went on their date!  Martin drove them to Chez Printemps, a very fancy restaurant downtown where he had made reservations.  Martin, of course, gave me a full report afterwards.  Martin treated Sissy Danielle like a perfect lady all night long -- pulling out his chair, ordering for him, the works.  He kept the conversation light and interesting.  Danielle was mesmerized by the entire experience -- just as I wanted him to be.  When the second bottle of wine arrived and Danielle had loosened up a bit, Martin started seriously flirting with Danielle. Martin even reached across the table to hold Danielle's hand.

On the walk back to the car after dinner, Martin kissed Danielle.  And once they were in the car they started making out like crazy. Apparently, Danielle really got into it! 

Before returning Danielle to our home, Martin asked him for a second date, just as we had planned.  Danielle said yes.

When Danielle walked inside, I was waiting for him in the living room.  I could see that Danielle was on Cloud 9 -- a bit tipsy from too much wine and overwhelmed by the wonderful experiences and feelings of the evening.  I made Danielle tell me every detail about his evening out.  He was very embarrassed talking about making out with Martin but I got the truth out of him.  He was even more embarrassed when he told me that he had agreed to go out on a second date with a man.  Most of all, he was embarrassed to describe the whirlwind of feelings that were coursing through him.  When I was satisfied that Danielle had verbalized everything he could about his evening, I summed it up for him. "Well I guess this really does prove what a total femme sissy you really are."


  1. Oh my gosh, Danielle is so lucky. I'm looking forward to part 2.

  2. Definately a beautiful narrative. Danielle is indeed lucky, but lucky to have a loving and authoritative wife to guide and steer her in your desired direction. All for the better.
    Looking forward to his further adventures.