Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Sissy Nanny -- Part 3

The first time I realized that the lactation hormones I was feeding my Sissy Susie were working was when he started leaking milk!  One night Greg was screaming at Susie for something that he had done wrong, which Greg does very often.  While Susie was standing there, eyes lowered, accepting Greg's abuse, wet stains started to appear on the front of his maid's uniform.  "What the fuck is happening?" Greg yelled at Susie.  "Are you cumming out your tits?"  I thought that was really funny.  Poor Susie was so confused.  He had no idea that I had added the lactation drug to his daily diet of hormones.

We love making Susie leak - it has become a new hobby for Greg and me.  We learned we could make Susie leak just by yelling at him -- or by making him watch while Greg and I get romantic.   

Because we got so much enjoyment from making him leak, I threw out all of Susie's old bras and now only allow him to wear half cup bras that expose his nipples.  I also added a few satin blouses to his wardrobe.  Because of the lactation meds, Sissy Susie's nipples have grown really big and pointy.  And when he wears his new bras and blouses, his nipple are very prominent, sticking out beneath his blouse for for all to see.  And when he leaks, the satin blouses really show off the dark, wet stains.

Like I said, Greg and I have learned to make Susie leak whenever we want.  All Greg has to do is to start shouting at Susie and, voila, the milk starts flowing.  We can be out shopping and Greg will get into Susie's face and start shouting at him about how pathetic and stupid he is.  Then the dark, wet stains start to form on his blouse.  He usually starts crying at the embarrassment of leaking in public as well as the reminder that he even lacks control over his own sissified body.

Susie's boobs also start squirting every time he watches us get romantic.  We have always made Susie be our "attendant' while we make love.  He stands silently in the corner of our room while Greg and I get it on.  That way Susie is always ready to do whatever we need -- fetching us a drink or cleaning up our wet messes.   But nowadays while watching Greg fuck me, we get the added fun of watching Susie's boobs start squirting uncontrollably.  It must be humiliating beyond all imagination for Sissy Susie, his own body betraying him while watching his own wife get wildly fucked by a real man.


  1. Mmm, yes! Poor Sissie Susie, forced to make milk with hur titties! She should be made to continue the hormones for the rest of hur pathetic life!

  2. Add a breast pump to sissy susie's lactation regime, have him pump his breasts for an hour then feed him the milk.

  3. What a wonderful, humiliating experience you have created. Makes me drip in my panties and wish I was on hormones