Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Sissy Nanny -- Part 2

Turning your ex husband into a full time Sissy Nanny is so rewarding.  You get to have all the fun of becoming a Mommy without having to do any of the work!  That's what Sissy Nannies are for.  Plus you get to enjoy watching your pathetic ex-husband work himself to exhaustion caring for the baby that your lover fathered.  It doesn't get any better than that!  Or does it?

There have been amazing advances in medicine recently.  Did you know that there are now drugs that encourage lactation?  It's true.  That means your Sissy Nanny can breast feed your baby!  You can create your own Sissy Wet Nurse!

When I learned about this, I was so excited!  I wanted to have my sissy ex-husband breastfeed my lover's child.  I called Ms. Trainer and she directed me to a doctor who would prescribe the meds.

It takes a little while, but after a few weeks of pumping your sissy full of these hormones, his breasts will start to balloon -- and voila!  Before you know it your confused little sissy will start leaking milk, having no idea what you have just done to him.  My Sissy Susie started sobbing when I explained he was now a wet nurse.  I punished him severely for that and reminded him, "There's no point crying over spilled milk!"  That joke still makes me laugh.

Anyway, it took a little coaching, but Nanny Susie (that's what we call him now) soon got the hang of breastfeeding. It turns out that my strong little Greggie Jr. has quite the appetite.  It seems like he is forever latched onto Nanny Susie's boobs, sucking away, day and night.  Greggie Jr.'s feedings leave Sissy Susie's nipples so red and raw and sore. Poor little Nanny Susie!  Just kidding.  I don't give a shit.

Doesn't little Greggie Jr. look cute in this picture?  He simply attacks those breasts when he's hungry. I can tell Greggie is going to grow into a real man, just like his father.   And just look at how huge Nanny Susie's tits are in this photo.  And I swear they are still getting bigger!

And here's a photo I took of Greggie nursing when we were on vacation in Florida.  Greg Sr. and I had such fun, playing golf, riding jet skis, dining out, going to clubs.  Nanny Susie kept busy taking care of my baby.  Here are the two of them by the pool.  I love making Nanny Susie nurse in public. Nanny Sissy looks so tired in this photo, doesn't he?  I guess that's because a Sissy Nanny's work is never done. And don't forget, just because your sissy is caring for and breastfeeding your baby, there is absolutely no reason that you and your lover can't still enjoy what's important -- like having your sissy serve you breakfast in bed each morning and all the other services your sissy performed before you had a baby.

Last night, after Nanny Susie had put Greggie to bed, cleaned up the dinner dishes and finished all his other evening chores, Greg Sr. and I shared some marvelous news with him.  I'm pregnant again!  And this time it's twins!

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  1. i would so love this to happen.

    nice story xx