Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Sissy Nanny -- Part 1

It feels like you have done it all, right?  You have taken that wimpy husband of yours and completely feminized him into your own personal sissy maid.  Then you got a new lover -- a real man this time. Then you moved your lover into your home (and into your bedroom!) and forced your sissy maid ex-husband to wait on both of you hand-and-foot.  Your life is wonderful!  

But of course you want more.

Why not start a family?  Think how beautiful your baby will be using your new lover's seed!  And think how convenient it will be to have full-time live in sissy nanny to care for your little baby!

That's what I decided to to.  I stopped taking the pill and my lover, Greg, and I got seriously busy to get me pregnant. When I told my sissy maid ex-hubby -- we call him Susie now -- that I was pregnant with my lover's baby, oh how the tears started to flow!  

But when I explained to Susie that he would be the nanny caring for the baby, I thought my poor sissy was going to faint -- it was a delicious moment.  "Yes, Susie," I patiently explained, "For the next 18 years or so, you will be caring for my lover's child -- 24/7!"  That's when Sissy Susie actually DID faint!  (Of course I later punished Susie for fainting and not appropriately expressing his joy that I was pregnant.)

Throughout my pregnancy, I insisted that Susie accompany me to every doctor's appointment, every Lamaze class.  And Susie was right there in the delivery room when my baby boy was born -- and Susie stayed with me in the hospital every minute until the three of us went home.

My baby is now nearly a year old and Sissy Susie is proving to be a wonderful nanny. Susie changes every diaper, handles every midnight feeding -- everything.  In fact, after the baby arrived and as soon as I was able, Greg and I took a three week trip to Bermuda so I could recover.  Sissy Susie took care of little Greggie Jr. while we were away.  

I just love this photo.  I took it on Easter morning.  I dolled Sissy Susie up in this cute pink dress with a big, pretty Easter corsage. Don't you just love the pink ribbon in his hair!  Susie minded Greggie Jr. while Greg Sr. and I went to church and then to brunch.  Doesn't Susie look happy? I think ALL of us are happy now that my sissy ex-husband is truly fulfilling his destiny, living a life of extreme service and extreme femininity as my full time sissy nanny.


  1. Before delivery, did you get Susie in shape to breast-feed the baby?

  2. I want to have big breasts like sissy susie