Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sissy Training -- the Final Lesson

Unless a client specifically requests that his new sissy be delivered as a virgin, I always arrange for my sissy creations to have one final important "lesson" before I consider my transformation work to be complete.

My sissies have to submit to a "lesson" in sissy lovemaking given by my good friend, Mr. Rhino.  Mr. Rhino is an enormous and strong black man with the biggest cock I've ever seen.  Seriously,  it's like a baseball bat!

The sissies know what is expected of them, even though they are scared half to death. They are to submissively lie on their backs and allow -- no, invite -- Mr. Rhino to fuck their tight little sissy pussies.  And despite the agonizing pain they experience, they are expected to pant and moan like the little sissy whores their new Masters will want them to be.

Here Mr. Rhino is giving Sissy Sally his final lesson.  Poor Sissy Sally was close to tears as he lay on the bed watching Mr. Rhino undress, exposing his monster dick.

But here's the best part.  When I have other sissies-in-training in my house, I make the more junior sissies sit on chairs next to the bed, watching their more senior sissy sister get his fucking lesson.  It's great fun to watch the junior sissies as they sit and watch in horror. Some burst into tears watching the fucking show as they all know that within a few short months, they will be receiving the same special lesson from Mr. Rhino and that giant black battering ram he has between his legs.


  1. As your demand! I sat and watched with concern. My best regards.

  2. At 62 I have been fantasizing for many years about getting into a sexy lingerie and servicing a man not just with my mouth but with my boy pussy. 2 nights ago a 29 year old man picked me up, I was wearing a pink and very lacy cammy under my clothes. We parked and I took off my boy clothes and proceeded to suck his rather large cock. He started to lube up my tiny hole and I could feel him opening me with first one finger then two and finally three. He took my mouth off his cock and instructed me to sit down on it. I was amazed that my cherry was being taken and that I could actually take him in. I rode him like the cock hungry sissy I am and almost cried with joy when he came up my ass. Can't wait to hear from him again. Happy sissy...

  3. I dream of being one of your sissy trainess I want to be terned in to a beautiful sissy for either one or more men drug me so that I can't resist it