Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Sissy and his Mother have a Weekend Adventure -- part 3

Janey had a little headache when he woke up the next morning.  But we weren't going to let a little hangover spoil out last "mother-daughter" day in the city.  Janey wore a pretty black and white sleeveless dress, which was perfect because the day was warm.  Our plan was to have breakfast and then head to church -- going to church gives Janey the perfect excuse to get all dressed up on a Sunday morning. Then some more shopping, a light lunch and then back to the hotel for Janey to put his dresses away before heading home.

But just as we were leaving the hotel to walk over to the cathedral we ran into Janey's young banker friend from last night. 

"Janey!" he exclaimed when he spotted us.  He gave Janey a quick kiss on the cheek.  "I'm so glad I saw you.  I was going to call you later, but now I can ask in person."   The young banker looked my son up and down, his gaze lingering on Janey's sexy legs. "Wow! You look...amazing," he panted.

The young banker seemed to have lost his train of thought staring at Janey -- and Janey was so mesmerized by his romantic young banker that he had no idea what was going on.  I helped everyone out.  "Was there something you wanted to ask Janey?" I prodded.

"Oh, yes, right," he managed to stammer as he collected his thoughts.  "I have these tickets to a big charity fund-raiser on Friday night at the Downtown Yatch Club. It's one of the big social events of the year.  It is going to very nice party and I was wondering if, well, if you would be my date for the evening."  

Immediately, and without consulting me, Janey replied, "Oh yes!  I would love to go!"  And with that Janey gave his new boyfriend a big hug.

I, of course, was terrified.  Janey was quickly getting into very deep waters here and I was not at all certain that he would be able to pull this off.

Thinkly quickly, I explained to both of them that Janey and I would again get a hotel room for Friday night and that Janey could go to the party provided that "she" was back to the hotel by 1:00AM.  The banker gave Janey some more details and promised to be in touch soon.  We said our good-byes --  including a big, long kiss for Janey -- and Janey and I continued on with our ladies day out.

The days that followed that magical weekend were very difficult for Janey.  Not only did he have to change back into his boy clothes for the week, but poor Janey was experiencing his first schoolgirl crush. The emotions were so powerful.  He was simultaneously mopey and sad because he missed his young banker boyfriend and wildly excited about seeing him again at a fancy, very adult, cocktail party on Friday.

The school days passed very slowly for Janey that week.  When Friday did finally come, I let him miss school so that I could take him back in to the city to shop for a new dress to wear to the party.   We checked back into our hotel and hit the designer boutiques.  And we found the perfect dress!  It was a black, sleeveless dress with little white polka dots.  It was a faux wrap style that had a bow on one side and was cut tantalizingly low in front. The full skirt came right to his knee, a layer of chiffon gave the whole dress a romantic, elegant effect.  Janey looked stunning in his new cocktail dress.

We spent most of the afternoon getting him ready.  I took Janey to a salon near the hotel to get a mani-pedi (I knew he wanted to wear his favorite open toed shoes with the ankle strap) and to get his make-up done.  

Janey's banker met us in the hotel lobby. I thought the young man was going to die from excitement when he saw how pretty Janey looked. The banker had arranged a limo to take them to the party.  I said goodnight to the young couple and whispered to Janey to be careful.  As the limo pulled away from the curve, I gave a little wave as I watched Janey head off for his first date as a young lady.  

Of course I stayed up waiting for Janey to come back to the hotel that night. When he did get home, he was wide awake and bubbling over with excitement.  Janey had to tell me about every detail of his dreamy, romantic evening:  the music, the celebrities he saw, the food, the drinks, the pretty dresses the "other" ladies wore -- everything.  He even had to describe the fancy ladies rest room at the yatch club.  But mostly he wanted to describe how charming and romantic his date was.  How they danced together and how they made out on the balcony overlooking the harbor.  

Then Janey said, "He wants to take me out on another date -- alone -- tomorrow night."  

I knew that this charade must not continue. Someone was going to get very hurt when the truth came out -- probably Janey.  "No Janey, that is not a good idea.  I can't allow you to do that.  This is all getting very...complicated.  Just what do you think is going to happen when he finds out you aren't really a girl?"

"I already told him and he doesn't care!" Janey replied.  My mouth dropped open and I almost fell over with surprise.  "It's true," Janey continued.  "I told him that am a Sissy during the limo ride after the party.  At first he didn't believe me until pulled down my panties and showed him."

"WHAT?!?"  I exclaimed.  "What did he do then?"

"He said that if I wanted to be his Sissy that I needed to suck his cock.  So I did.  Right there in the limo.  And after he came in my mouth he told me that I suck cock better than any real girl that he's been with.  And that he wants me to be his Sissy! Isn't that wonderful, Mother?  I am so happy!  I am in love with him, Mother."   

Before I fainted, the last thought that passed through my mind was that my sweet little Sissy daughter was now a complete Sissy slut!


  1. What a lucky sissy Janey is, to find a real strong man accepting her, I am so jealous.

  2. i hope we get to find out how her date goes, sounds like she's in for a fun night :) xx