Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Sissy and his Mother Have a Weekend Adventure -- Part 2

Janey finished doing his hair and his make-up.  He slipped on the dress I had bought him earlier that afternoon.  He looked simply stunning.  I was so proud of my beautiful sissy son.

We rode the elevator down to the restaurant.  As we crossed the busy hotel lobby, I was aware that everyone was noticing this striking, elegant and -- dare I say it -- sexy young lady as he walked past.  I'm sure Janey noticed that many heads were turning because of him.  

Unfortunately, the restaurant was very busy and we hadn't made a reservation.  The Maitre d'  suggested that we have a drink at the bar and "perhaps a table might become available."  We did as he suggested and stepped into the hotel's lounge. The bar was mostly full of men -- and it was very crowded.  When we couldn't easily find a seat, I started thinking about leaving.  But just then, two men slid off their bar stools and offered their seats to us.  

The men introduced themselves as investment bankers from out of town. They were stuck here over the weekend, they explained, because they were working on some big deal. The older one was a senior partner with their firm, the younger one was a junior associate.   They wasted no time in buying us drinks and chatting us up. The younger one seemed quite delighted with Janey and was working very hard at impressing him.  I could see that all of this attention was making Janey a bit uncomfortable but I was really enjoying the older banker's flirting.  He was quite charming and I was starting to have a lot of fun.  

After his second glass of white wine, Janey started to relax.  He seemed to get into the spirit of the moment and started to enjoy the young banker's overtures.  Janey laughed at the young banker's jokes and partipated more in the conversation.

More than an hour went by when I mentioned to the older banker that Janey and I had hoped to get a table at the restaurant but that we didn't have a reservation.  "Let me fix that," replied my handsome older banker.  He walked out of the bar and returned two minutes later.  "Our table is ready," he announced.

Apparently, my new banker friend was a VIP of sorts and when he wants a table, one is immediately made available.  Before I could react, Janey and I were being seated at a table with our two gentlemen admirers.  Janey was starting on his third glass of wine (and keep in mind, he is too young and shouldn't be drinking at all!) and he seemed to be OK with this unexpected turn of events.

Dinner with our two handsome bankers was lovely.  Both were charming and fun. Janey was a perfect lady and played his part perfectly.  Maybe too perfectly.  As dinner progressed, Janey and his young banker were whispering to each other and giggling.  After the salads were cleared, I noticed the banker had his hand on Janey's stockinged thigh -- and Janey didn't seem to mind.  And while we were waiting for dessert to be served, Janey and his admirer started making out -- right at the table!  I was quite shocked but I wasn't going to interfere.  And besides, it made it very natural for me to start a little canoodling of my own with my senior partner. 

As my banker was paying the bill, Janey and I stepped into the ladies room for a quick talk.  Janey was nearly bursting with excitement.  "Mommy, I think he really likes me!" he panted.  "He wants me to go back to his room with him.  What should I do?"  

"Absolutely not, Janey.  You've had too much to drink and you have no idea what you are getting yourself into," I replied.  I had never even dreamed that Janey would feel this way about a man, worked up in a girlish romantic frenzy like this. And what did he think was going to happen if he went up the banker's hotel room? "Why don't you and your new 'boyfriend' have another cup of coffee down in the lobby and I'll come back and get you in an hour.  That should give you some time to...get better acquainted."

So after Janey and his young admirer excused themselves to go to the lobby, my senior banker and I went up to his room for a quick roll in the sack.  I expect that he was married, but I didn't care.  I was super horny and he was great in bed.

After the hour was up I put my clothes back on and went down to the lobby.  There was Janey sitting on a sofa frantically making out with his new boyfriend.  I separated them and dragged Janey back upstairs to our hotel room.  

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