Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Sissy Neighbor -- Part 3: Sissy Works Hard for the Money

Anita makes a lot of money working at Club Satin.  He works there during their peak hours 7:00 to 11:00pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays.  And nobody -- nobody -- knows Anita's secret.

He and another hostess are responsible for greeting guests -- 99% of whom are men -- and showing them to their tables.  Whenever there is a lull at the front door, the hostesses take turns walking around the club, checking on all the tables.  It starts with a simple "How is everything here?  Do you have enough drinks?  Is there anything else I can get for you?"  But Anita and the other hostess are well practiced in the art of moving from there to more chatting and flirting with the male guests.  The hostesses are often invited to join the men at their table and to have a drink.  This is strongly encouraged by the manager as it makes a lot of money for the club -- and it earns Anita and the other hostess extra tips for the evening.  

Sometimes the men get drunk and little frisky.  Anita's butt gets grabbed probably a hundred times per night.  And when a drunk asks Anita to sit on his lap or to kiss, Anita has a standard answer ready, "Sure, for $100!"  You'd be surprised how many men, having had too much to drink and wanting to show off in front of their friends, are willing to pull out a $100 bill.  Anita doesn't disappoint -- a deal is a deal.  He jams the bill into his bra and climbs onto his customer's lap.  He wraps his arms around the stranger's neck and gives him a deep, long, French kiss.  

Just imagine this luscious creature climbing onto your lap, looking deep into your eyes, and pulling you close to them.  Just imagine feeling her soft round bottom on you lap, smelling her perfume, touching her silky hair.  Just imagine how you would feel when this gorgeous woman closed her eyes and parted her lips to give you an amazing, deep, wet kiss!  Anita must drive the men crazy!

And just imagine how you would feel if you then found out that this angelic creature was really a boy!  Wow! Well, no need to worry about that because no one knows Anita's secret.

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  1. Anita is very gorgeous! This is a great story! Keep up the great work!