Friday, August 1, 2014

A Sissy Every Weekend. Part 3. Saturdays on the Sidelines

I don't wear fancy dresses all the time when I visit Aunt Jenny and my cousins. The twins are really good athletes so we spend a lot of time, especially on Saturday mornings, watching their soccer or field hockey games.

When we go to watch their games, I dress very casually, like a girl my age would.  If the weather is warm, I might wear shorts and maybe a little jacket or sweater. Caroline and I stand on the sidelines, with my mother and my aunt, cheering my twin cousins on.

And while we stand there on the field, we will often run into Caroline's friends from school.  Since I visit every weekend, some of Carolne's friends have gotten to recognize me as Caroline's out-of-town cousin.  Mostly it's Caroline's girl friends that we chat with on the sidelines.  All of Caroline's girl friends are nice and I don't mind talking to them. And of course, no one suspects that I am not a girl.

But sometimes there are boys from Caroline's school that hang out on the sidelines with us too, including Caroline's boyfriend, Robert. He's OK, I guess, but mostly I'm just jealous of him.

There are other boys that talk to us too and some of these seem to take a lot of interest in me.  Sometimes they try to flirt with me and it seems like they are always looking at my legs. That makes me really uncomfortable. I don't like it when men or boys look at me in that sort of hungry way.  And it seems to be happening more and more.  But I work really hard at staying calm. I fight the fear and disgust that builds up in me when boys try to hit on me. I use all of my  strength to stay in character as Tiffany so no one will know my secret.

Today, we watched the twins play in a State semi-final championship game.  It was very exciting and the twins' team won.  There were a lot of fans at the game, including a couple of boys who wouldn't stop trying to flirt with me.  After the game was over, the twins headed off to the locker room. Mother, Aunt Jenny, Caroline and I then went to get mani-pedis. On the drive to the nail salon, Aunt Jenny said, "Well, it seems like the boys in this town really seem to like Tiffany a lot!"

I thought I was going to die when she said that.

"I know!" Caroline agreed.  "Did you see how Tommy Murphy was practically drooling all over her?"

"Stop it!" I shouted.  

"I'm sorry, dear," Aunt Jenny said.  "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable.  But you are very pretty and that's what happens to pretty girls like you."

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  1. Kinda missing your sadistic streak in these. Think you are just more exciting when you write from the perspective of the cruell (step)mother/aunt. Really like those. Would actually be interested in some cooperation eventhough my stuff is a bit more vanilla. Just have a look. I did some stories but i'm actually more of a visual type.