Friday, June 6, 2014

Completing My Husband's Sissy Journey - Part 3

Tonight, Marcus, Colette and I are "staying in" for the evening.  Colette prepared a lovely dinner for the three of us.  After he had finished clearing the dishes, Colette and I went up to our bedroom to get ready for the rest of the evening.

Colette took off the pretty little black dress he had been wearing and changed into a sexy outfit I had bought for him -- a silk brochade corset in the deepest green, sheer black opera gloves, and black seamed stockings. I had him slip on his sexiest shoes -- black platforms with a 6 inch heel.  He looked so beautiful as he stood in front of the mirror to brush his hair and to freshen his red red lipstick.  I noticed with great pleasure how his diet of female hormones combined with the corset was making his bottom look so soft and round.

I could see that Colette was getting nervous about what was about to happen so I gave him a Valium to settle him down a bit.  

I changed into a lacy black negilgee.  Almost as sexy as Colette's outfit but much more comfortable.

I posed Colette on the edge of a chair and invited Marcus into the bedroom.  When he saw the two of us in our sexy black outfits I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head.  Marcus told Colette to stand and to turn around so he could enjoy the view of sexy Colette from every angle.  "That is one fine looking sissy!" Marcus said appreciatively.

I wrapped my arms around our handsome lover.  "Well, Marcus, where do you want to begin.  Would you like us to suck your dick together?" I asked.  "Or maybe you'd like to fuck me while Colette tongues you asshole?"

"Nah," he replied.  "The sissy can wait.  I just want to have sex with you for a while."

"OK, darling.  Whatever you want.  Colette, sweetie, please go wait in ths closet until Marcus and I are done," I instructed. The combination of the wine from dinner and the Valium were having an effect on Colette. Obediently, he walked into the closet as he had done on other occassions when Marcus and I needed some alone time.  I closed the closet door and Marcus and I made passionate (and very loud!) love while Colette listened and waited in the closet. 

After Marcus had fully satisfied -- and exhausted -- me, he called out, "Sissy!  Get in here!"  Colette emerged from the closet.  "Get on the bed," Marcus instructed.

"Oh!" I exclaimed.  "He looks so pretty.  Let me take some photos before you two have sex!" I said.  I grabbed my camera and had Colette assume a variety of sexy photos on the bed.  Marcus was clearly getting turned on watching this, his huge cock already starting to get hard again.

I kept taking photos as Marcus used poor little Colette for his enjoyment, first with Colette's mouth and then with his "sissy pussy."  I have a whole collection of Colette's "action photos" posted on the web.

When Marcus was finally done cumming in my sweet little Colette, he told Colette to go sleep in the guest room so he could spend the rest of the night with me alone.  As Colette was about to leave the bedroom I said, "Colette, aren't you forgetting something?"

"Oh yes, of course," he replied. "Thank you for fucking me Mr. Marcus.  And thank you for fucking and pleasuring my wife in ways I never could."

"You're welcome, sissy," Marcus replied.  "Now get out."  And with that, Colette retreated to the little guest room for the night, a little unsteady in his high heels on account of the wine, the Valium and the serious fucking he had just had endured.


  1. I I enjoy reading this I really wish to transform soon

  2. I am not a sissy, but your forced sissificstion/feminization captions are extremely erotic and arousing. Your writing is very high quality and very descriptive in its shortness. The humiliation and fear, the hopelessness of the sissy's situation is just so real feeling.

  3. .looks like she is gaining weight..the butt is bigger...