Monday, December 30, 2013

Two Million Page Views! Time to Celebrate with Your Sissy!

In celebration of our TWO MILLIONTH page view, I want all you Sissy Masters and Mistresses to buy your Sissy a pretty new outfit and show him off!   Use this wonderful milestone as an opportunity to display your Sissy in public in his finest, most feminine attire.  Help us educate the world on the wonders of our forced fem creations while publicly humiliating your precious little Sissy.

Sissy Pinkie's Master bought him a very special new outfit for the occassion.  Doesn't this darling little sissy look soooo sweet.  His soft white blouse with the contrasting collar.  The acres of chiffon in his little black skirt. And the cute beret and the pink purse are fantastic.  Come now, Sissy Pinkie, you should be smiling because you look so pretty in your new outfit!

But my favorite part is his shoes!  The open toes platform pumps and the lacey little anklets.  Simply perfect!  

Master is taking Sissy Pinkie out to dinner later with another Master and his Sissy.  Sort of a Sissy double date.  The restaurant will be very busy -- they will probably have to wait at the crowded bar before they are seated -- and the Sissies will have to endure lots of stares and comments from the other diners.  But first the two Masters and their Sissies are going to do some shopping at the mall.  The Masters want to show off their Sissies in their new outfits.  I'm sure the Masters will insist that their Sissies hold hands with each other as they traverse the mall.  The mall will be very crowded this afternoon and these Sissies will certainly get lots of attention.

To all you sweet Sissies and all you demanding Masters and Mistresses, thank you for reading these stories and for bringing us to two million page views.  

Remember:  Sissies are required to leave comments!  Do not disobey me!  Masters and Mistresses are kindly encouraged to share comments -- your thoughts and experiences are very important to all of us.  

Always seeking Sissy perfection,

Mistress Linda Trainer


  1. I want a cute sissy outfit like that

  2. As a sissy to be exhibited is a marvellous thing

  3. I have nevet been exhibited publicly but I understand how it would deflate the male ego, however sudued it may be. This emasculating experience should be mandatory. Oh well, a girl can dream...

  4. I so love her shoulder bag, the little heart-shape purse is totally cute. But You're right, the whole outfit is just dreamy. And thank you so much for your site, your posts are always lovely and tasteful. xoxoxo

  5. I want to be a sissy on top of that a beautiful sissy

  6. I'm a sissy gurl my Mistress . ..had me suck a cock it was humiliating . the cum Dibbled on my face that's not all she dress me frilly in pink ..she says I'm going to be chastised .