Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Sissy Debutante Ball

Mother had been dressing her son Jimmy up as "Ginger" for years.  At first Jimmy had resisted but his mother was very strong-willed and Jimmy was weak.  Over time, Jimmy stopped fighting his feminization and accepted what his mother was doing to him.

"I had always wanted to have a daughter," Mother told him a million times. "But unfortunately you were born a boy.  But just because you were born a boy doesn't mean I can't make you into my daughter." 

So ever since he was a little boy, Jimmy spent most afternoons -- and every weekend -- dressed as Ginger. And while wearing his pretty party dresses and nightgowns, Ginger and his Mother would spend countless hours doing things that mothers and daughters do.  Mother taught Ginger how to do his make-up and his hair and his nails.  They would do chores around the house like cooking and cleaning and ironing.  At night they often watch chick-flicks together while wearing their pretty night gowns.

So Ginger was brought up to be a perfect little Sissy.  But Ginger was growing up and tonight they would celebrate the lovely Sissy lady that Ginger had become.  Tonight was the Sissy Debutante Ball!

Tonight, nearly fifty Sissies, aged 18 to 20, and their Mothers would celebrate the long and sometimes difficult journey of raising a son to be a Sissy.  Mothers from all over the country brought their lovely Sissy darlings to this lavish affair at a posh hotel in New York City.  

Ginger and his Mother looked heavenly in their coordinated, custom-made outfits.  Mother wore a tailored suit of beautiful golden silk jacquard. Ginger wore a long gown -- made of the same gold silk jacquard as her mother.  Ginger's gown made him look sweet and sexy at the same time. Ginger and his mother had spent most of the aternoon at the beauty salon. Their hair and make-up were perfect.

Even though he looked very beautiful, Sissy Ginger was so nervous as he and his mother rode the evevator down from their hotel room to the ballroom below.  Sissy Ginger didn't know what to expect. 

They made their entrance when the Master of Ceremonies announced their names over the speaker: "Presenting Sissy Ginger and his Mother, Lady Annette!"  The other guests clapped as Ginger and his Mother entered the room.  Ginger was quite stunned by the applause and by the flashes of cameras capturing his big entrance. They found their seats, Lady Annette at one of the Mothers' tables and Ginger at one of the Sissies' tables.

As Ginger introduced himself to the other Sissies, he noticed there were several other tables in the ballroom that were occupied by men. Ginger asked one of the other Sissies who the men were.

"Don't you know?" answered one the other Sissies with surprise.  "After dinner is finished and the announcements are done, the Mothers will all leave and go to another room for the rest of the evening.  That's when the men are free to talk to us and dance with us and..."

"And WHAT?" Ginger asked, somewhat panicked.

"Well, they can ask us to come up to their rooms with them, of course.  And you are not allowed to refuse.  That is all part of the Sissy Debutante experience.  Tonight we become real Sissy Ladies with the Gentlemen that pick us.  Are you saying that your Mother never explained this to you?"

Poor Sissy Ginger.  He nearly fainted when he heard this.  Of course Mother had never told him about all this.  He would have been too terrified to even come here tonight.  

Tears started to well up in poor Ginger's eyes.  "Here, take this," said one Sissy offering Ginger a Xanax and a glass of champagne.  "Just relax and remember that this is what your Mother wants for you.  You need to be brave and do what your Mother expects you to do."

The other Sissy was right, thought Ginger as he downed the pill and the champagne in a single gulp.  "May I have some more champagne?" asked Ginger trying to prepare himself for the frightening evening ahead.  "A lot more."

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