Saturday, April 14, 2012

After School Sissy -- Part 2

Stepfather arranged for a lady to come the house to help me look the way he wanted me to.  She was waiting for me at the front door when I got home from school.  We went inside and she had me take off all my clothes.  With her help, I put on a pair of mother's panties and one of her bras.  She gave me a set of breast forms that filled out the cups of mother's bra and she laced me into a tight corset to give me a "prettier shape."    She sat me down at mother's vanity and for the next two hours she gave me a thorough lesson in putting on make-up.   I was taught how to do everything: putting on foundation, plucking my eye brows, putting on fake eye lashes, mascara, eye liner, blush -- everything!.    Here's a photo she took of me while I was practicing putting on lipstick.

When she was satisfied with my make-up, she had me put on a silky flowery dress and a pair of strappy high heels that she picked out from my mother's closet.  And lastly she pinned a long wavy blonde wig that was styled to look like my mother's hair.  When the lady was done with me, I didn't just look like a girl, I sort of looked like my mother!

But she wasn't done yet.  She stayed for another hour, giving me lessons on walking and sitting and even talking like a girl.

By the time the lady left, it was almost 6:00, so I had to hurry to get Stepfather's dinner ready before he got home.  It felt funny being being dressed up like a woman but I was in a rush and I didn't really have time to think about.  It was a little hard to move quickly wearing my mother's high heels.  I also tried to be careful not to spill anything on mother's pretty dress.

When Stepfather came home and saw me with my new look, including my glamourous make-up, my big boobs, and my nipped waist, I could tell he was very happy.  He was very friendly and relaxed during dinner.  After dinner, he invited me into the living room to watch TV with him. He had never done that before!  He insisted that I sit really close to him on the couch.  He even put his arm around me.  That seemed kind of strange, but it sure was better than being beaten with his belt!

That night was two months ago.  Since then, I've been dressing up in mother's clothes and doing my make-up, just as the lady taught me, every day after school.  I do my chores and make Stepfather's dinner.  And even though I don't like dressing up like a lady everyday, Stepfather is very nice to me all the time, so I guess I don't mind too much.

But recently, when we watch TV together after dinner, he's been making me sit on his lap.  He wraps his arms around me and I have to lay my head on his shoulder.  Sometimes he kisses my neck which feels really weird.



  1. Linda, that picture is Amazing! I am so excited to read part 3!

  2. I am LOVING this series, and cannot see where it leads to next... purrr...

  3. omg.. i love this story so much.. love it to happen to me xxx
    (more,, part 3)