Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Sissy's Mother Has a Plan -- Part 2

Mr. Robbins had never experienced a blow job like this before -- not from any of his girlfriends or from his ex-wives or even from any of the hookers who worked for him. As he looked down at the reluctant sissy he was face fucking, he felt a sense of power and excitement he had never felt before. It was electrifying to have his dick sucked by a boy that was transformed into a girly love toy just for his pleasure.

The excitement was too much for Mr. Robbins. As he started to cum, he roughly pulled Sissy Billy's head into his crotch, ramming the full length of his dick far down the sissy's throat. Mr. Robbin's orgasm was explosive. It felt as if he was pumping gallon after gallon of semen into the feminized plaything in front of him. It was the most powerful orgasm of his life!

But for poor Sissy Billy, it was not enjoyable at all.  He struggled to remain conscious throughout the ordeal as the giant cock was forced down his throat while Mr. Robbins roughly gripped the back of the sissy's pretty little head. 

As Mr. Robbins slowly removed his spent cock from Sissy Billy's mouth, he had a realization. Why should he put up Billy's mother -- that gold-digging bitch -- when he could just have her sissy son instead?  He sent a text to his "driver" who was waiting outside.  "Need U 2 take out trash."

Sissy Billy was collapsed on the floor after his brutal face fucking.  He was gagging, gasping for air and sobbing all at the same time.  Mr. Robbins kicked Sissy Billy.  "Go fix your make-up, Sissy," Mr. Robbins said. "I'm not done with you yet."

Billy had seated himself at the vanity when the "driver" -- one of Mr. Robbins' thugs -- burst into the room. Mother and Billy were shocked when this stranger, this mountain of a man, stormed into the bedroom.

"What's going on here?!  Who are you?!" Mother screeched, as she tried to cover her nearly naked body.  

"Which one?" the driver asked, ignoring Mother's question.  

"The old one," replied Mr. Robbins. And while Sissy Billy sat in open-mouthed shock, the driver overpowered Mother and held a drugged rag over her nose and mouth until she was unconconsious. The driver then threw Mother over his shoulder and carried her out to the car.   

"What's...what's happening?" Sissy Billy managed.  "What did you do to my Mother?"

"Don't worry about her.  She's just going away."  What he didn't say was that Mother would soon be lying in a New Jersey landfill.

"Well now, Billy," Mr. Robbins continued. "It looks like it's going to be just you and me from now on. You're going to move into my house and you're going to be my full time Sissy whore.  Doesn't that sound like fun?" he added with a snear. 

"Maybe I'll give you some great big boobs.  Yeah, I like that idea.  And maybe I'll cut off your dick."  Mr. Robbins' own dick was starting to get hard again.  Roughly, he grabbed the sissy and bent him over the back of a love seat, positioning the sissy's little bottom up in the air. "Time to lose your sissy cheery!" Mr. Robbins said as he drove his big dick into Billy's tight little bottom.

"On, yeah! That feels great!" Mr. Robbins exclaimed.  Mr. Robbins had another explosive orgasm while tears of pain, humiliation and fear poured down Sissy Billy's face.  


  1. Eww! Quite dark and unexpected than your usual fare. I hope nothing in your life has affected your work here. Please go back to the mostly lighthearted stories. Thanks.

  2. Personally I'm enjoying this series, excited to see where it goes from here. :)

  3. i would love to know where to buy her lingerie...

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