Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sissy Madison's Vacation -- Part 3

Madison was having the most wonderful summer of his life. Spending all day, everyday, lounging and sunning himself beside a crowded resort pool wearing a pretty ladies swimsuit was like a dream come true.  And the more time he spent pretending to be a pretty girl in a swimsuit, the more his confidence grew.

On the evening that they arrived at their hotel in Miami, Mother suggested to Madison that he might like to try a different style of swimsuit. Mother was going to take Madison to a local mall to go shopping, but as they walked through the resort, they noticed some very cute swimsuits in the window of one of the boutiques off the hotel lobby. In particular, the boutique's window displayed several high waisted bikinis that Mother thought might look wonderful on her sissy son.

Madison was very excited by the idea of wearing a two-piece swimsuit. The helpful saleslady found the bikini in Madison's size in several colors and patterns and Madison picked the three he liked best. In the fitting room, Mother helped him try on the bikinis. Mother made Madison go out into the store wearing the bikini to see himself in the big mirror. The saleslady said that he looked "very chic."  Some other customers stopped what they were doing and looked approvingly at the lovely young lady in the cute two-piece who emerged from the fitting room.

In the end, Madison picked out three suits that he liked the best and Mother bought them. Madison was thrilled with his new bikinis. That night he had trouble sleeping because he was so excited that tomorrow he would be wearing one of his new two-piece suits around the hotel pool.  He decided that he would wear the black one first.

When tomorrow came and Madison arrived poolside in his new bikini, he started getting a lot of attention almost immediately. Maybe it was the swimsuit or maybe it was just that the men in Miami were more assertive, but Madison was attracting men like moths to a flame!

As soon as Mother and Madison sat down, one of the pool boys started trying to flirt with Matilda. And during lunch, the waiter tried to get Madison's phone number. And later that afternoon, a young businessman brazenly walked up to Madison's lounge chair and started talking with him. At first all this masculine attention made Madison uncomfortable, but after a while he started enjoying it. It made him feel extra feminine and beautiful.

The next day was more of the same. This time Madison wore his new blue bikini. And again, the men seemed to emerge from everywhere trying to get his attention. At one point, a photographer working for the hotel asked to take Madison's picture and asked him to strike a few fun poses while he took pictures. 

Towel boys, waiters, other guests -- men of all ages -- were flirting with Madison. It was all just a harmless game and Madison played along. But that was about to change.

After Madison and Mother returned from lunch, one of the lifeguards came over to where they were lounging. The lifeguard was tall, blonde and very handsome. Wearing only his tight red swim trucks, his perfectly muscular physique was on full display. When he started flirting with Madison, Madison turned bright red and was barely able to stammer a reply of any kind. Mother watched all of this with great interest and a little bit of worry. After a few moments, the lifeguard moved on, leaving a confused and embarrassed Madison to sort out what had just happened.

"Well, he seemed nice," Mother innocently observed as they both watched the hunky lifeguard walk away.

"Huh? Oh, yes, I guess," Madison answered distractedly.

For the rest of the afternoon, Madison couldn't stop thinking about the lifeguard. He couldn't even concentrate enough the read his Cosmopolitan magazine.

As Mother and Madison were preparing to head back to the room to get ready for dinner, the lifeguard reappeared. This time he was wearing a tee shirt and baggy shorts, which was somewhat disappointing to a very bewildered Madison. The lifeguard explained that he had just gotten off work and that a few lifeguards and some other off-duty hotel staff were going out to a pub just a short walk from the resort. He asked if Madison would like to join them. Madison began to blush uncontrollably.

Madison couldn't speak. So Mother jumped in. "Well, Madison, I think that could be fun for you. I'm sure you would enjoy spending some time with people more your age. You do want to go, don't you?"

Struggling to make sense of his emotions, Madison replied, "Umm, yes. I do think that sounds like fun."

"Great!" the lifeguard answered enthusiastically. "Are you ready to go now?"

"Here, Madison," Mother said as she handing her son a beach cover-up to wear over his bikini. 

"Are you sure you don't mind, Mother?" Madison asked, searching as much for guidance as for permission.

"Of course not dear. Now you have fun. I'm sure it will be just fine." And with that, Madison slipped on his high heeled sandals and off he went with the lifeguard.

When Madison arrived back at the hotel room a few hours later, he was a little drunk and very, very excited. He started telling Mother about his evening -- about the other people he met at the pub, how nice the lifeguard's friends were, the music that was playing, what he drank. Mother was happy that her darling sissy son had enjoyed himself. But she expected she wasn't hearing the whole story. 

"And what about your new lifeguard friend?" Mother probed.

"Well..." Madison began tentatively, nervous about telling Mother everything that happened that evening. 


  1. Another nice addition to Madisons story. I like how you are taking it slowly, and look forward to madison in current casual outfits as she spends more time with others her age.

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