Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Certain Comments to be Removed

Several individuals have been using this Blog's Comment section for an ongoing private conversation.  Some other posted Comments are not directly relevant to the topic of the Post.

These Comments will be removed.


  1. love the sissy spanking pics

  2. That's probably the point. If we don't comment properly,comments being directly related to Mistress Linda's posts or carry on private conversations on Her blog then effectively we're spanked. we've been warned.

  3. Thank you for this photo, Mistress Linda. My Mistress normally makes me read this whole blog from start to end at least once a month but I was rented as a 'holiday wife' for the summer to a rich man with a taste for petite sissies and making them cry and whimper. Hence, it was only when I came back from my 'holiday' cleaning his villa and getting fucked by his coked-up friends that I can now see this latest post. My Mistress made a point of telling me how lucky I am to be her sissy, as once her sissies have been trained they are only spanked when they misbehave; which we make sure not to as we are painfully aware of the consequences of displeasing her.