Sunday, November 25, 2012

Poker Night Sissy

Every Friday night, Master invites five or six of his friends over for poker night.

Master insists that I get all dolled up in a fancy cocktail dress, 5-inch heels and sexy make-up.   My strapless dress barely covers the large breasts Master forced me to get.  He says I have to look my best when his friends are over.

At 8:00 the guests begin to arrive.  I greet them at the door and take their coats.  Always keeping my eyes lowered, I inform them that I am the "sissy of the house" and that I have been instructed to serve my Master's guests in whatever way they require.  As I say this, I can feel their hungry eyes on my exposed cleavage.  I can tell they are smirking at my humiliation and submissiveness.

For the next four hours, I serve them drinks and snacks.  The men play cards and drink and smoke and laugh.  Mostly they ignore me, but they often grab my ass or squeeze my boobs when I am serving them. They say mean things to me and call me "whore" and "slut" while they fondle me.  When I'm not serving the men, I stand silently in the corner and wait.

Then, promptly at midnight, the men put down their cards.  The game is over and they count their chips.  They carefully figure out who won, who came in second, third, and so on.  Then they line up, the winner in front.  It is now time for me to do what I have been dreading all evening.  I drop to my knees in front of the winner, I pull down his pants and I open my mouth.

The night's winner jams his big dick into my mouth and I suck and lick it eagerly the way Master trained me. The winner's dick get bigger and harder.  He roughly bucks his hips, ramming his cock in and out of my mouth for several minutes.  Then he grabs the back of my head and forces his cock down my throat.  And then he explodes.  He blasts his hot, sticky cum into and I swallow it all.  All the other men hoot and shout as they watch the winner cum in my mouth.

"Next!" Master yells to everyone's amusement and the next man in line drops his pants.  I put his cock in my mouth and let him rape my face.  I repeat this until each man has unloaded his sperm into my mouth.  And for being the night's winner, I have to give the first man a second blow job.

I feel sick and disgusted, with the load of several men in my stomach and on my face.  "Get yourself cleaned up!"  Master yells at me.  "What a whore!" he adds to the amusement of the others.

I race to the bathroom and quickly wipe off my face and redo my lipstick.  I rush to get the men's coats and to see them out.  They usually have something mean to say or enjoy one final laugh at my expense as they leave.  With the final guest gone, I get busy cleaning up after the night's game.

With the house clean and the clock striking 3:00, I enter Master's bedroom where he has been sleeping.  I pull back the covers and begin performing my last blow job of the night on my Master's massive cock.  "You are such a filthy little sissy slut," Master mutters, half asleep, as I begin to cry.


  1. What a life, eh?
    i am a sissy and freely admit this is my fantasy to be done up in a revealing outfit and used by my Master and his Men fiends as i so love being humiliated.
    i confess to Linda and everyone i am sissy slut and whore giving anything to suck cock.

  2. Poor thing! As repulsive as it is swallowing all that cum from those stiff cocks, s/he just can't help hurself can s/he? Great story loved it! I did a similar one too, search for Old Man Johnson on my blog, I think you'll enjoy the story!


  3. What a story! That picture tho, I could stop staring and wishing.


  4. Being a closet sissy myself I loved this blog. I have a similar fantasy with the only difference being that I have to service the men from under the table all evening or at a certain time retire to another room to be a slut for anyone wishing to enjoy me!

  5. You got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, Know when the dealing is done? I hope your Corset and panties are on?"Bitch" Nylons too! Heather[^]