Sunday, July 29, 2012

Young Sissy Created for Older Men

Stepmother was so excited!  Tonight, Sissy Suzette was going out on his first date -- with a MAN!

Sissy Suzette's cruel stepmother, Mildred, had been transforming her stepson Stanley from a normal teenage boy into a feminized plaything for older men.  Two years ago,  Stanley/Suzette's father ran off with another woman, leaving Mildred to care for Stanley on her own.  She decided that she would take her revenge on her husband by destroying his only son.

And so, after two years of hormones, strict training and brainwashing, it all came down to this.  Poor Sissy Suzette!  He is so terrified about being sent on a date.  He was close to tears this afternoon as Mildred helped him with his hair and make-up.   

Mildred had posted Suzette's profile on, including some sexy, glamourous photos.  The profile said Suzette was 19 years old -- and that she was interested in dates with much older men.  Well, within days it seemed like millions of men in the area eagerly responded.  Mildred was delighted when she discovered that she could subject poor little Suzette to a limitless number of romantic encounters with different men.

Mildred carefully selected outfits for Sissy Suzette that were both sexy and classy.  A rigorous diet cimbined with a little padding in all the right places gave Sissy Suzette the alluring shape of a pretty young woman.  And with relentless training, Sissy Suzette could now talk and sit and eat and walk exactly like a girl. 

It was time for Sissy Suzette's first encounter.  The date was arranged at a french restaurant downtown.  Mildred sat at a nearby table and enjoyed the show!  Suzette's date, a 50 year old executive, was practically drooling throughout dinner, ogling the pretty young thing sitting across from him.  Sissy Stanley flirted with the older man as his stepmother had trained him. 

Watching the bizarre scene unfold was getting Mildred excited.  She even felt her panties become damp as she saw Sissy Suzette's date place his hand on Suzette's stockinged knee under the table.  This was going even better than she had hoped!

When dinner was over, Mildred followed the pair out to the parking lot where the two were passionately making out, the older man pressing her stepson against the man's BMW as he aggressively kissed the pretend girl.  After a few moments, the two climbed into the man's car.  Soon the two would be back at the man's house, where Sissy Suzette would pleasure his date with his soft manicured hands and his red glossy lips.  As Mildred watched them drive off, she had an orgasm imagining her nephew Stanley sucking on his date's cock and making him cum. 

Mildred rushed home to arrange many, many more dates for her sissy nephew.


  1. Awesome story Linda, you got me quite "excited" myself! Loved reading about Mildred getting wet and orgasming and how poor sissy Suzette was made into cock sucking slut. Bobbi in my stories has taken a similar path in hur adventures recently as well; not sure if you've been reading it or not. Hope you have been though.

  2. Excellent. Perhaps Mildred will set Suzette up with two men at the same time.

  3. too bad this can't happen to me...

  4. I was so jealous that I wasnt that sissy. Would love to have had that happen to this sissy.

  5. This is a wonderful story. Such a lucky sissy.

  6. To be a sexy sissy requires tough training. To also be an elegant, classy sissy too is so demanding the Mistress must impose an exacting training regime utilising the most extreme measures to punish and brainwash. The sissy must also keep a calm and composed demeanour at all times, as befitting its sophisticated role, even when subjected to the most demeaning and humiliating sexual acts carried out by the mature businessmen. Such a sissy is very lucky indeed!

  7. I liked this one a lot. Would have liked a bit more detail on Stanleys apprehension and fear(i like a few tears on our victims)(lol). And the man could be even older and a little disgusting but thats a personal taste thing.