Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 10

Sissy Erica returned to the living room wearing the sweetest little ensemble; a strapless lace and satin dress with a matching little bolero jacket.

"What a perfect little outfit for the trip home!" I said.

"Oh, yes," Ms. Trainer agreed.  "Doesn't he look lovely!  My assistants have been loading all of Erica's new outfits into your car.  The cargo area of your Escalade is completely full."

"That's fine," I replied. "We'll let Sissy Erica sit in the back seat instead of the cargo area, as usual."

"You drive," Roberto said to me. "I'm going to sit in back with Erica.  I need to have my dick sucked on the drive home.  I might want to fuck him too."

"That's fine dear," I replied.

"You will find everything you need has been loaded into your car," Ms. Trainer said. "All his pretty new dresses as well as his extra corsets.  In about four weeks he should be ready to squeeze into the next smaller size."  I could see Erica's face turn pale when Ms. Trainer said he would be wearing an even tighter corset soon!

"Well, Erica," Ms. Trainer said, "I hope you are going to be a good little sissy for your wife/mistress and her lover.  I expect you to apply everything you learned here this summer to being the best little sissy you can be."

"Yes, Ms. Trainer," Erica managed to reply.

"That's good, Erica.  I would expect nothing less from you.

"Now take off your little jacket," Ms. Trainer instructed. " I don't think you will be needing that for your ride home in the backseat with Roberto."  Erica took off the jacket as we once again gazed with amazement at how feminine and delicate Erica now appeared. Turning to Roberto, Ms. Trainer said, "Erica's tight little sissy-pussy has lubed up so he is ready to be fucked whenever you want."

Turning her attention back to Sissy Erica, Ms. Training said, "We will all miss you, Erica. You are a darling little sissy.  You are wonderfully obedient and pathetic." And with that Ms. Training gave Erica and deep, hard kiss on the lips.  Erica staggered from the experience of being kissed by Ms. Trainer, revealing just how extensively Sissy Erica had been broken, being erotically aroused by his tormentor.

Ms. Trainer continued. "Erica, I have been speaking with your owners and we've agreed that we will have you come back here for another 12 week Sissy Refresher course next summer!  Isn't that wonderful news!  We are already working on the new curriculum -- all sorts of new advanced sissy skills to teach you.  Isn't that exciting?"

I thought Erica was going to die when he heard this.  I added to the fun, "That's right, Erica.  Roberto and I are planning a long trip to Australia and New Zealand next summer so we decided that it would be best to bring you back here while we're gone.  Now answer Ms. Trainer, Erica.  She asked you if you were excited about coming back here for another 12 weeks of sissy training."

"Yes, Ms. Trainer.  I'm very excited about coming back for more sissy training," he barely managed to say.

"We are excited knowing that you will be back with us.  But for now, it is time for you to go and resume your duties caring for your wife/mistress and her lover."

"So hurry up and get in the car, sissy bitch," Roberto snarled.

And with that, Sissy Erica minced his way back to the car, returning to his life as a helpless, pathetic, feminized sissy toy for his wife and her lover.


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    1. Lovly sissy stories make me hard in my groin cant wait to get dressed up and go out for some funxxx

  2. Oh Miss Linda Trainer: I am so very happy to know you are here for my indoctrination.

  3. Any nice Ladies want to force femme me contact