Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 10

Sissy Erica returned to the living room wearing the sweetest little ensemble; a strapless lace and satin dress with a matching little bolero jacket.

"What a perfect little outfit for the trip home!" I said.

"Oh, yes," Ms. Trainer agreed.  "Doesn't he look lovely!  My assistants have been loading all of Erica's new outfits into your car.  The cargo area of your Escalade is completely full."

"That's fine," I replied. "We'll let Sissy Erica sit in the back seat instead of the cargo area, as usual."

"You drive," Roberto said to me. "I'm going to sit in back with Erica.  I need to have my dick sucked on the drive home.  I might want to fuck him too."

"That's fine dear," I replied.

"You will find everything you need has been loaded into your car," Ms. Trainer said. "All his pretty new dresses as well as his extra corsets.  In about four weeks he should be ready to squeeze into the next smaller size."  I could see Erica's face turn pale when Ms. Trainer said he would be wearing an even tighter corset soon!

"Well, Erica," Ms. Trainer said, "I hope you are going to be a good little sissy for your wife/mistress and her lover.  I expect you to apply everything you learned here this summer to being the best little sissy you can be."

"Yes, Ms. Trainer," Erica managed to reply.

"That's good, Erica.  I would expect nothing less from you.

"Now take off your little jacket," Ms. Trainer instructed. " I don't think you will be needing that for your ride home in the backseat with Roberto."  Erica took off the jacket as we once again gazed with amazement at how feminine and delicate Erica now appeared. Turning to Roberto, Ms. Trainer said, "Erica's tight little sissy-pussy has lubed up so he is ready to be fucked whenever you want."

Turning her attention back to Sissy Erica, Ms. Training said, "We will all miss you, Erica. You are a darling little sissy.  You are wonderfully obedient and pathetic." And with that Ms. Training gave Erica and deep, hard kiss on the lips.  Erica staggered from the experience of being kissed by Ms. Trainer, revealing just how extensively Sissy Erica had been broken, being erotically aroused by his tormentor.

Ms. Trainer continued. "Erica, I have been speaking with your owners and we've agreed that we will have you come back here for another 12 week Sissy Refresher course next summer!  Isn't that wonderful news!  We are already working on the new curriculum -- all sorts of new advanced sissy skills to teach you.  Isn't that exciting?"

I thought Erica was going to die when he heard this.  I added to the fun, "That's right, Erica.  Roberto and I are planning a long trip to Australia and New Zealand next summer so we decided that it would be best to bring you back here while we're gone.  Now answer Ms. Trainer, Erica.  She asked you if you were excited about coming back here for another 12 weeks of sissy training."

"Yes, Ms. Trainer.  I'm very excited about coming back for more sissy training," he barely managed to say.

"We are excited knowing that you will be back with us.  But for now, it is time for you to go and resume your duties caring for your wife/mistress and her lover."

"So hurry up and get in the car, sissy bitch," Roberto snarled.

And with that, Sissy Erica minced his way back to the car, returning to his life as a helpless, pathetic, feminized sissy toy for his wife and her lover.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 9

Sissy Erica returned to the room, this time wearing a long strapless gown in ivory lace.  The dress was topped with a satin bolero jacket that matched the satin sash that wrapped around Erica's tiny, corseted waist.  Erica had dried the tears he had shed a few moments earlier when Ms. Trainer made him re-live the suffering and humiliation he endured from the other sissies over the summer.  The tears were gone, but the pain and confusion were still evident on his pretty, made-up face.

"Wow!" Roberto exclaimed as Erica sashayed across the room, modeling the elegant gown.

"Wow, indeed!" agreed Ms. Trainer.  "That is one fine looking sissy you have there."

As Erica modeled his beautiful new gown, Ms. Trainer spoke to Roberto and me, as if Erica wasn't even in the room.  I really love how she does that.  "So, I understand that you and Roberto will be having a Commitment Ceremony in the fall.  What a lovely idea."

Erica's head jerked around when Ms. Trainer said this. Obviously I had not mentioned anything about this to Erica.

"Oh yes, it's true.  Roberto and I are really excited about it. Of course I can't divorce Erica or I would risk losing control of his company and his assets. So Roberto and I can't get married.  But I thought it would be nice for us to have a Commitment Ceremony -- and a big party -- to celebrate our love for each other."  I gave Roberto a big kiss.

"How wonderful!" Ms. Trainer gushed.  "And this gown will be perfect for Sissy Erica to wear.  I assume Erica will play a big part in the ceremony."

"Oh yes," I replied. "Erica will be my 'Sissy of Honor,' supporting and serving me throughout the ceremony and the party.  I am also thinking about having Erica walk me down the aisle and 'giving me away' to Roberto."

"That's a wonderful idea -- I love it!" Ms. Trainer said with a laugh.

By this point Erica was shaking involuntarily.  The whole topic was simply overwhelming him.  But Ms. Trainer would not let up.  "And will you invite a lot of people?" she asked.

"I was thinking about one hundred.  While I've told all my friends -- and Erica's former friends and colleagues -- that he had been...embracing a sissy lifestyle, almost no one has seen him for several years.  So this party will also be a sort of coming out party for Erica."  I thought Erica was going to pass out at this point!

"Erica, sweetie," Ms. Trainer cooed, "Take off you little bolero and show us how you look without it."  Erica obediently did as he was told, exposing his soft, skinny shoulders. Just enough of his sweet  breasts were on display peaking out over the top of his gown.  "Oh Erica," Ms. Trainer said gently, "you look absolutely lovely.  Your wife/mistress will be so proud to have you serving her at her Commitment Ceremony."  Ms. Trainer's compliments tore through Erica like a knife.

Ms. Trainer continued. "I think it would be nice if, as part of the ceremony, you included a portion where Sissy Erica can make his vow to Roberto as well.  What I mean is after you and Roberto exchange your commitment vows to each other, it would be very touching if Sissy Erica would stand up and publicly state his own commitment of servitude and obedience to the new man in the relationship.  Erica could also make a public vow to you, as his former wife, to serve, honor, and obey you and to do everything in his power to ensure your happiness."

I was speechless.  This was the best idea I had ever heard of!  How marvelous it would be to have Sissy Erica publicly proclaim his commitment to his submissive sissy existence and to serving Roberto and me.

"I have another question for you," Ms. Trainer began.  "At your Commitment Ceremony and party, will Sissy Erica be on his own -- or will he have a date?"

"Well, I guess I never really though about that," I replied.  I guess I figured that Sissy Erica would be on his own."

"Well, I think it would be fun if Erica had be big hunky man for a 'date' on your big day.  You know, I big muscle-y man, pawing and groping at Erica all evening in front of your friends. It would be fantastic.  If you like the idea, I can find you the right man to be hanging all over Erica all night long."

"Oh, Ms. Trainer!  Your great ideas never end!"  I exclaimed.  "Please, find me a great big stud to be Sissy Erica's date for my Commitment Ceremony!"

"Well, I'm so glad we were able to enjoy this little fashion show and to share a little bit about Sissy Erica's exciting summer," Ms. Trainer said.  "But I sorry to say that it is time for us to say good-bye to Sissy Erica.  Darling," Ms. Trainer said to Erica, "Go and change into your last dress that you can wear for the trip home."

Sunday, December 2, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 8

Sissy Erica returned to the living room, this time wearing a lovely dress in the palest imaginable shade of blue.  The full skirt ended in a pleats at the waist where pretty lace applique ran around Erica's tiny waist.  The dress was elegant and sexy at the same time, with a low cut neckline that revealed Erica's hormone and surgery enhanced cleavage.

"Oh my," I said as Erica modeled his latest dress.  "He is the epitome of ladylike elegance and femininity in that outfit."

"I agree," replied Ms. Trainer. "I think this dress suits our little Erica perfectly."

"Erica, did you make friends with the other little sissies that were here with you this summer?" I asked.

Sissy Erica didn't seem to know how to answer.  He looked over to Ms. Trainer for guidance or permission or something.

"Well now," Ms. Trainer answered for Sissy Erica.  "That is a very interesting question.  I am so glad you asked.  I'm sorry to report that Erica didn't do so well in making friends with the other sissy students this summer."

"Oh dear," I replied.  "Erica, whatever was your problem?"  I felt myself getting cross with Erica and wanting to punish him.  It was a good feeling after being away from him all summer.

Ms. Trainer explained.  "You see, we had a little fun at Sissy Erica's expense this summer.  Since he was the prettiest, most feminine and best trained sissy, we thought it would be fun to make the other sissies extra jealous of him."

I noticed Erica react to Ms. Trainer's words.  This was clearly new information he was hearing for the first time.

"Oh yes," Ms. Trainer continued.  "After a training exercise we would often compliment Erica on his performance and tell the other sissies that their performances were terrible.  We would threaten to punish the other sissies because they weren't as perfect as Erica.  We would also tell the other sissies that Erica was getting extra food because he was such a good sissy.  Sometimes, we even told the other sissies that Erica had tattled on them, and gotten them in trouble and subjected to more punishments."

"But I never did any of those things!" Erica blurted out.  "I never tattled and I never got extra food!  I never meant to make the other sissies mad at me!" He broke into tears as he spoke.

Ms. Trainer promptly slapped Erica hard across the face and screamed, "Sissies do not speak unless spoken to!  For God's sake, didn't you learn anything this summer.  Stupid sissy."  Ms. Trainer tore the little jacket off Erica's narrow shoulders and shouted, "Now just stand there -- SILENTLY -- while I finish speaking."  Her fury subsided and she continued, "Of course you didn't do those things, Erica, but the other sissies didn't know that, now did they?"

"Well anyway, the other sissies really resented Sissy Erica and that was great fun to watch.  Poor Erica was all alone in every sense this summer."

"What did the other sissies do to Erica?" I asked.

"You're going to love this," Ms. Trainer said.  At night, all our four of sissies would sleep together in one king size bed.  Wearing nothing but their corsets and curlers.  It's a very sexy, sensuous scene, as you might imagine.  Anyway, the other sissies would...take advantage of Erica at bedtime.  What the sissies didn't know is that we added a dose of ground up Viagra to the other sissies' dinner rations  So by the time they climbed into their shared bed with your gorgeous little Erica, their resentment and desire were both inflamed.  So they would take turns fucking little Erica here, two sissies holding Erica down while the third sissy pounded Erica's tight little ass."

Erica went into uncontrollable sobbing reliving the horrors of the past 12 weeks.

"And the best part is, we filmed this little rape scene every night!  I have hours and hours of hot, rough sissy sex action on tape starring Erica.  I have some friends who are editing it down.  They think we can get 8 or 10 hours of the best material and make some good money selling it on DVDs and the internet."

"Isn't that exciting, Erica?" I said. "You're going to be a movie star!"

Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 7

"Now I don't know if you ever take Sissy Erica out with you in the evenings, but I think this dress would be perfect for a sissy night on the town," Ms. Trainer began as Erica re-entered the room, this time wearing a little black dress embellished with rhinestone around the neckline.  The dress was simple, classic -- but Erica still looked so damn sexy!

"Yes, sometimes we take Erica out with us, often when we have a male friend of Roberto's visiting from out of town.  It's fun for us to make it a double date, letting Erica be a real man's pretty date for the evening.  And yes, this dress would be perfect!  What man wouldn't love having a sexy escort like that!" Roberto heartily agreed.

Changing the subject, I asked, "So tell me, what is the diet you put the sissies on to get them so...svelte?"

"Erica, tell your wife/mistress what you ate while you were here."

Erica mumbled a response that I couldn't understand.

"Oh speak up, Erica, for God's sake! Nobody likes a mumbling sissy!"

"Baby food," Erica managed to say.

"What?" I exclaimed.  Barely able to contain my surprise and laughter.

"Oh, yes," Ms. Trainer explained.  "It's a wonderful way to control and minimize portions and calories and dignity.  One small jar, three times a day, will guarantee rapid weight and self-respect loss."

"No wonder he looks so slim and dainty," I remarked.

"Erica, sweetie," Ms. Trainer asked. "What else did you eat while you were here?"

Erica looked terrified.  "Nothing, Ms. Trainer.  I ate nothing else.  Only the food that I was given.  Honest."  Erica looked panicked, believing that he was being accused of an infraction of the rules.

"Don't get your panties in a twist, sweetie.  You're not in trouble.  I was just pointing out that you ate something besides baby food all summer."

Erica still looked confused and frightened.  "I was just pointing out, Erica," Ms. Trainer explained a bit impatiently, "that you also ate a lot of semen over the past twelve weeks.  And I mean a lot!  Isn't that true, Erica?"

Erica's fear instantly turned to intense shame.  "Yes, Ms. Trainer," came the pitiful response.  "I did eat a lot of semen."

"You see?" Ms. Trainer added.  "Our sissies get a perfectly balanced diet here!"  I almost fell on the floor laughing when she said that.

"Let's see another dress!" Ms. Trainer chirped.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 6

Erica re-emerged from the other room, this time wearing a lovely silver dress with a matching chiffon bolero.  It accented his fabulous new figure superbly.  He looked so elegant and dainty.

"Ms. Trainer, please tell me more about the training Erica has received since he's been here," I inquired.

"Of course," Ms. Trainer replied.  "This is a brand new program for us and I am very pleased with how well it went in its first year."

She continued, "I developed a curriculum that would help advanced sissies, like Erica here, develop the skills they need to take their service and submission to you to the next level.  The course work covered three main areas: service skills, beauty and comportment, and sex techniques."  Roberto was suddenly interested in hearing more when the third item was mentioned.

"In the area of service, Erica has been learning wonderful new skills.  He can now perform a Swedish Massage on the two of you.  He has learned some interesting new breakfast in bed recipes and serving ideas.  And he has learned important new skills to help you plan and hostess and serve when you are entertaining.  Isn't that all correct, Erica?"

"Yes, Ms. Trainer," came the soft reply. "That is all correct."

"Erica, take off the little jacket while I continue," Ms. Trainer instructed.

"Yes, Ms Trainer," Erica said as he complied.

"Where was I?  Oh yes, beauty and comportment.  Well this whole decorative sissy thing requires some new skills for our sissies, like making themselves as pretty as possible and posing for hours like a mannequin..."

"Or a Barbie," Roberto interjected.  We all laughed.

"And he can do his own hair.  Isn't it lovely?  It's very difficult to make it look so nice, but Erica has been a very good sissy student.  Of course he has to sleep in his curlers, which is very uncomfortable, but it's all worth it."

Ms. Trainer continued.  "In the sex department, well that's where things got the most interesting.  Wouldn't you agree, Erica?"

"Yes, Ms. Trainer," came the timid and shameful reply.

"Our little Erica here has developed some impressive new skills.  We did lots of fellatio practice over the past twelve weeks. Erica can now accept the biggest imaginable cock down his throat.  We also had a pussy worship course -- I taught that one myself.  And I'm pleased to report that Erica has a very, very talented tongue.  You will be very pleased.  We also practiced some group sex.  Erica learned to take two dicks up his ass and two more in his mouth, all at the same time!  Erica, how much is two dicks plus two dicks?" Ms. Trainer asked in her speaking-to-a-child voice.

"Four dicks, Ms. Trainer," came the pitiful reply.

"Oh my, Erica!  Did you pleasure four men at once?  Why what a little whore you are!"

We burst into laughter once again.

"Go change, Erica," Ms. Trainer instructed.

Friday, July 20, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 5

When Erica reappeared, Ms. Trainer excitedly said, "Oh, Roberto, this one is for you!  Now I know you like to have the boys over every Wednesday for poker.  And I know you like to have Erica serve them drinks and food and so on.  Now, what do your buddies think about being served by a sissy?"

"Some of them are really freaked out by it," replied Roberto. "But most are into it, since he is so pretty and will do whatever they tell him to do."

"Well, imagine this, Roberto.  Instead of greeting your friends in a maid's uniform, picture Erica appearing dressed like this!  He looks like the hostess at a fancy club or casino, don't you think?  I think it will really add some elegance to your poker parties.  Now are you getting the idea of what a 'decorative sissy' can be?"

"Yes, I think so.  I mean, he looks fantastic in that dress.  It's SO short!" he said with a giant smile.

"Now wait until you see this," added Ms. Trainer.

And with that she instructed Erica to remove the little chiffon bolero jacket that he had been wearing over his dress. Two skinny straps held up Erica's sparkly blue dress.  The spaghetti straps seemed to accentuate how skinny and delicate his shoulders now were.

"Oh, yeah," said Roberto. "That is so fuckin' hot!"

"I knew you'd like this," said Ms. Trainer.  "And I know your friends will as well.  I think they will really enjoy ogling your sissy while he is dressed like this.  I bet a lot of hands will find their way up that short skirt for a grab of his cute little ass, don't you think?"

"I know it!" said Roberto.  "Turn around, bitch," Roberto ordered.

Roberto went over and did exactly what Ms. Trainer described.  He roughly reached up under Erica's short dress and gave his bottom a hard squeeze.  "You like that, don't you, you stupid sissy bitch?"

"Oh yes sir," Erica obediently replied. "Yes, I like it when you grab my ass.  Sir."

"I think your friends will never miss another poker night ever again," opined Ms. Trainer.  "Now, be a good little sissy and put on another of your pretty new dresses for us."