Thursday, May 25, 2023

Sissy Roommate - Part 10 - The Conclusion

 I know it's been a long story, but now you are up to date.  It's the start of Tank's Junior year.  I dropped out because I knew I couldn't care for Tank and take classes at the same time.  But Tank and I will be living together this year in a beautiful condo that a rich alumnus has provided for Tank.  I've been working hard to make sure it is clean and all ready for Tank when he arrives, which should be any minute now.

I bought some new clothes over the summer, including the outfit you see me wearing here.  I sure hope Tank likes it when he sees me.  And I curled my hair which got longer over the summer.   I'm making an extra effort to look nice since I haven't even seen Tank all summer long!

And best of all, the hormones really kicked in over the summer and my breasts grew a lot! 

Excuse me, my phone is ringing.  Oh great, it's Tank!

"Hi Tank! Are you almost here?  The condo is all clean and I...."

"Stop talking!" Tank barked through the phone. "Jesus Christ! Just shut up and listen!"

"OK  Sorry," I replied softly.

"Look, a lot of stuff happened over the summer. I'm engaged," Tank explained flatly.

"What? I don't understand. Are you joking? What are you saying?" I babbled.

"If you would shut the fuck up, I would tell you, you stupid sissy bitch.  You remember Amber Destry, the swimmer from the Hall of Fame event last Spring?"

"Yes," I answered softly. My tummy started doing backflips. Remember Amber?  How could I forget. She was like a living Barbie doll.

"Well we got engaged this summer. And her dad, who's loaded, has bought us a house off campus to live in together."

"But what about our condo? What does..."

"For the last time, shut the fuck up!  The good news for you is that the alum that owns the condo has agreed to let Jefferson and Jackson live there.  And they seemed pretty interested in you when they met you last year, so I decided that you can just start being their sissy from now on."

I couldn't even make sense of what I was hearing. Tank was engaged to a real girl.  I wasn't going to be living with him.  And Tank had just decided that I would now be...given? Jefferson and Jackson.  I started to feel faint.

"Got to go," Tank said and he hung up.

I put down my phone and grabbed hold of the kitchen counter to steady myself.  What was happening?  What was I going to do?  I didn't have a penny to my name and I had no where to go.  My head was spinning.

But not for long.  Because just then I heard the front door being unlocked and in walked Jefferson and Jackson.

"Hello sissy!  We're home!" shouted one of them in a loud sing-song voice.  The other one broke out laughing.

"Damn!  Look how he's dressed!  Did you get all dolled up because you knew we were coming?  You are one sexy sissy!" the first one said. 

The other one grabbed me by the throat with one hand and roughly grabbed one of my soft new breasts with the other. "It's true, Jack! The sissy really does have titties like Tank said!"  He kept squeezing my breast and my neck really hard -- and then he licked my face, from my chin up to my forehead.

Then Jack laughed and said, "You know how I love titties!" Then he said, "Keep holding him like that, Jeff.  I'm gonna get this party started!" as he unzipped his pants.


Thursday, May 11, 2023

Sissy Roommate -- Part 9 -- Sissy on Display

It was the last week of Spring semester.  Again, I was doing very poorly in my classes because I was spending so much time and energy in performing my sissy duties for Tank.  I was pretty sure that I hadn't done well on my finals.  Regardless, Tank and I would be leaving our dorm room tomorrow.  Tank would be heading home; I would stay in the area and get a job for the summer.

It was Thursday afternoon and Tank had finished his last final exam that morning.  He seemed pretty happy that finals were done and so he spent most of the afternoon fucking me.  He was just starting in on me for the third time when his cell phone rang.  It was Jefferson, one of his buddies from the football team.  Tank put it on speaker, "Yeah, what's up?" Tank asked.

"Did you forget about this afternoon?" asked the voice on the phone.  "We were all supposed to be at the President's house for the awards ceremony at 4:00. I bet you forgot, didn't you?  Everyone is asking where you are.  You gotta get your ass over here."

"Shit," muttered Tank.  "I'll be there in ten minutes."

"And you're supposed to bring a date," reminded Davis. "Everyone is supposed to bring a date."

"Fuck fuck fuck.  Alright. Later." Tank hung up then barked at me.  "Hurry up and get dressed into something nice. You're coming with me to this awards thing."

"What?"  I asked.

"Just shut up and put on the nicest dress you got.  We have to hurry up."

I did as I was instructed and went to my closet.  I pulled out a cute polka dot dress that I had bought for our Florida vacation.  When Tank emerged from the bedroom, he was wearing a suit and tie.  I was breathless -- I had never seen him wearing a suit.  He looked so, so, so handsome.  My tummy did a somersault just from looking at him.  

"Are we really going to the University President's house?  For an event?  With other people?"  I was in shock.

"That's about right.  I'll explain more on the walk over there."

I quickly put on dress from vacation.  The dress was sleeveless so I added a little white sweater.  I freshened my lipstick and ran a brush through my hair.  I grabbed a purse before Tank pushed me out the door.                                                                                                                As we raced across campus Tank explained that at the end of the year, the new inductees to the school's Athletic Hall of Fame were invited to an event at the President's house.  A bunch of deans and other important people would be there.  And the press.  Tank explained that he was being inducted along with his buddies Jefferson and Jackson, both offensive linemen, both co-captains of the football team, and identical twin brothers!  He said there would be star athletes from other teams but he didn't know who.                                                                               He warned me that I better not to screw up and that everybody had to be totally convinced that I was really a girl -- or he would kill me (I don't think he meant that literally -- but he made his point.)

He told me to tell people that I was a friend of his from his hometown and that we had gone to high school together.  He said that I should say my name is Mary Ellen Molloy.  I agreed to do as he said.                                                                                  I struggled to keep up with him as we made our way across campus as my platform sandals were not made for walking fast.  And as we quickly walked my head was spinning -- first from the thrill and terror of being out on display like this.  Of course I had been out with Tank in Florida but that was different.  We didn't know people in Florida.  But this was campus!  The stakes were completely different.                                                                                                                       But my head was also spinning with the question of what Tank was thinking -- and feeling.  Tank was taking me out, in public, right here on campus.  People would see us together.  People might think we were an item. Should I interpret this as a new step in our relationship?  Was Tank ready for me to be something more than his little sissy sex toy?

I didn't have time to wrestle any further with these questions because we had arrived.  We walked into the President's mansion and there were like 70 people there.  I think I counted about 15 athletes receiving the Hall of Fame award, plus each of them had a date.  There were the senior university officials, including the president and his wife.  Then there were about 20 reporters and photographers there.  I had never been to an event like this -- either as a boy or as a girl.  Everything was so fancy.  Waiters brought around trays of champagne and hors d'oeuvres.  I could hear a pianist playing in another room.  It was like being in a movie.                                                                                                                             Immediately, Tank and I went over to his buddies, Jefferson and Jackson. "Glad you could make it," Jackson joked.  Then the two of them noticed me.                                                                                        "Oh shit!" said Jefferson. Then in a low voice, "Is that your fucking sissy?"                                                                            "Oh my God!" I screamed to myself.  I didn't know that Tank had told anyone about me. I started shaking.

"Keep your pants on.  And keep your voices down," Tank growled at them.                                                               Tank was then called away by a photographer leaving me with his two buddies.  "You are so fine," Jackson said as he looked me up and down.                                                             I gulped and managed to squeak out, "Would you excuse me please," and I walked over to the buffet table downing another glass of champagne on the way to calm my nerves.                                                                                                             I barely spent any time with Tank for the next hour and a half; the athletes were mostly talking among themselves, posing for photographs or being cornered by the university bigwigs.  The other male athletes' dates were really nice and we mostly talked among ourselves while our boys were busy.  The President's wife was also very nice and I talked with her for a bit.  I felt like I was pulling it off pretty well and the champagne was helping to give me a little extra courage.

The afternoon was nice but a couple of things made me...uneasy.  First off, Jefferson and Jackson were spending a lot of time looking at me from across the room and whispering to each other when they weren't being hounded by reporters.  That made me really uncomfortable.  The other things was that Tank was spending a lot of time talking to a girl athlete, Amber Destry, a champion swimmer.  Everyone knew who she was because she had been on the Olympic team!  Not only was she an incredible athlete, but she was super gorgeous -- over six feel tall and looked like a real life Barbie -- if Barbie as a champion swimmer.  I will admit to feeling pretty jealous when I saw this.

By 6:00, the event started winding down.  Tank told me to go back to our room on my own because he was going to go have dinner with Jefferson and Jackson.  I wasn't too happy about that but of course I didn't say anything.  I said my good-byes to some of the other girls that were still there and started the walk back to my dorm, alone, a little tipsy from all the champagne, with my head full of questions.

Tank didn't come back to the dorm at all that night. I had to vacate the dorm and turn in my keys by 10:00 the next morning, so I finished packing up my things and left for the summer, never having the chance to say good bye to Tank.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Sissy Roommate Part 8 -- Spring Break Sissy

The rest of the fall and the winter went by quickly.

Of course, Tank set several new school football records -- and the team did make it to a Bowl Game for the first time in decades.  Even though football season ended, Tank continued to train hard all year round.

I continued to put all my effort into serving Tank and making him happy.  My own school work suffered badly -- I did terribly on two of my fall semester finals. But I realize I can't do everything and I have decided that caring for Tank is my top -- and sometimes only -- priority.

You may remember that last fall, Tank had me start taking birth control pills -- female hormones.  I didn't want to at first but Tank insisted.  Well they have had a powerful effect on me!  Almost immediately, I could feel swelling and intense sensitivity in my nipples and breasts.  My butt and thighs have gotten a lot fuller while the rest of me has gotten even skinnier. My complexion became clearer and my skin softer. And my hair started growing much faster and thicker.  There is no doubt that the birth control pills are starting to make me much more like a real girl!

As spring break approached, Tank told me that he was going to Florida.  Some wealthy alumnus was letting Tank use his beachfront condo for the week.  And do you want to know the best part?  Tank asked me to go with him!!!  I leapt into his arms and kissed him so hard when he asked me!  I was over the moon!                                                                         Of course, I didn't own anything I could wear on a vacation in Florida so I had to ask Tank for some extra money to buy some new things, including the super cute bikini I'm wearing in the photo.  What do you think?                                                                                                 When I go to the beach or to the pool, I wear a pair of extremely tight panties so that I'm totally flat in the front.  And I added some special padding to the bra top that helps push my teeny breasts up so that I look like I have boobs like a real girl.

We had  really great time in Florida -- and I had Tank all to myself.   Well, mostly.  He still went to a local gym every day.  But sometimes I went with him.  I was able to take a Zumba dance/exercise class with a bunch of other ladies which was really fun.  

The whole week was a dream.  I would get up extra early to take my shower and to make myself look pretty before Tank even woke up.  Then I would make him breakfast and then Tank would have sex with me.  I think we did it in every room and on every piece of furniture in the condo!  After that would would go out to the beach or to the condo's pool.  I think it really turned Tank on seeing me out in public in my bikinis!  And even though the beach was public, Tank still made me give him secret hand jobs -- right there on the beach!

And in the evenings, Tank would take me out to restaurants and night clubs.  It was like we were really boyfriend and girlfriend!

I was so proud to be seen with Tank.  First of all, he looked so handsome when he put on a nice shirt and pants to go out. And of course, a lot of people would recognize him when we were out and would ask for autographs and selfies.  I felt like I was being escorted by a Hollywood celebrity!  It was so exciting and dreamy!

Tank was so nice to me the whole time we were away.  He even bought me a little gold necklace -- it's a pretty mermaid pendant on a thin gold chain -- for me as a souvenir of our trip.

I was so happy while we were in Florida.  I felt like the time there -- parading around in my bikinis, being on the arm of a handsome man, receiving a lovely piece of jewelry -- was making more feminine, more girlish, every day.  I think the experience was changing how I thought and how I felt about myself -- and how I felt about Tank. One night, as I was sleeping tightly wrapped in Tank's arms, I even dreamed that I was Tank's wife.  Isn't that incredible?  

I'm really in love with Tank.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Sissy Roommate Part 7 -- Romantic Autumn Afternoon

When Thanksgiving week came around, most students left to go home to spend the week with their families.  But Tank had a big game and practices over the Thanksgiving break, so I stayed to be with him.  And when Tank wasn't at his two-a-day practices or in the gym, he was spending his free time with me.  Here some photos that Tank took of me one afternoon.  He had me get all dressed up and we went into the woods.  He brought a bottle of wine and we found a secluded place where we drank it and then had sex -- right there in the woods!                                                                                                                                   
As I've said, my life is getting a bit confusing and complicated since I'm spending so much time dressed up and acting as a sissy girl.  Tank is insisting that I should be dressed and made-up like a girl any time that he's in the dorm room!  I want to make Tank happy -- and I certainly don't want him to be angry with me -- but it's really hard for me to do what Tank is demanding.

To give you a sense of how complicated my life has become: I have to be all dressed and looking pretty for Tank when he returns to the dorm around 9:00 after his early morning work-outs.  He's already eaten breakfast with the team but I always have some eggs and toast ready for him when he comes in that I make on the little hot plate we have. While he eats, he likes to watch ESPN on the TV -- and get a blow job from me.  Tank finishes with his breakfast (and with my mouth) a few minutes before 10:00.  Then he goes off to take his shower and do whatever he does all morning (I don't think he goes to a lot of classes).                                                                                                                            But I have 10:00 lectures to get every day -- and no time to wash off my make up and change back into my boy clothes.  At first I was skipping a bunch of lectures but I was really falling behind.  I realized the only way I could keep up with my lessons was to rush over to the lecture halls still dressed as a girl. I keep to myself and try to sit in the back so that I don't attract too much attention.  But sometimes a boy will sit next to me and try to flirt with me.  I guess I find that sort of exciting, but I try not to encourage it too much.

After my morning lectures, I stop by the dining hall -- still dressed as a girl -- and quickly eat my lunch.  At first I thought everyone would notice me, but so far I haven't had any real issues. Then I rush back to the dorm because Tank usually shows up there around 12:30 after he's had lunch with his buddies.  When Tank arrives, we usually make-out for a little while and then he has sex with me.                                                                                                         
I had to beg Tank to let me change back into my boy clothes in the afternoons because that's when I have my small classes.  I can get away with sitting in a big lecture hall pretending to be a girl -- but that doesn't work at all for the small classes.  But since I don't have any classes on Friday afternoons, I usually stay dressed as a girl all day long.
Something else happened on that trip to the woods over Thanksgiving.  After Tank had finished fucking me, he handed me a small bag.  "You have to start taking these," he said.  I looked inside and wasn't sure what I was looking at. "They're birth control pills," Tank explained. "You know, female hormones.  They will make you more like a real girl."  I asked him where he got them and he explained that he told the team doctor that he needed the pills for his girlfriend, and the doctor handed him a six-month supply, no questions asked.

"But I don't think boys are supposed to take those," I stammered. "I mean, those are only for real girls."

"Shut the fuck up, you stupid sissy bitch. I said you're going to take them and that's what you're going to do. In fact, take the first one right now!" 

I fumbled with the packaging and managed to pop out a single pill from it's container. I washed it down with the wine.

"Good," said Tank.  "Now suck me off quick before I have to go to practice."

Friday, March 31, 2023

Sissy Roommate -- Part 6 -- Sissy Doubts

Tank has been giving me money almost every week to buy more outfits.  I think it gets him very excited to send me off to the mall with the assignment of buying clothes to wear that will make me look pretty for him.                                                                                    Here's a cute little outfit I bought on my shopping trip last week.  I love this little denim top.  I think it really shows off how skinny I've become since I started dieting extra hard.  I think my arms look so pretty and feminine in this photo.  And of course I bought another short skirt.  I love how this one is just a little bit flouncy and how it moves and swings as I walk.  But it is so short! If I sit or bend over, my lacy panties are on full display for all to see.   
Tank has been sending me out in public dressed as a girl more frequently.  Tank took these pictures of me outside our dorm building before telling me to go to the Student Union to buy some snacks for him.  At first I was super nervous about walking around campus looking this way. But I was really surprised to discover that nobody recognized me.  I guess that's partly because I was always sort of a loner and didn't have any real friends on campus when I was living as a boy.  But I also like to think it's because I look really cute as a girl.  I certainly get some admiring looks and sometimes comments from the boys I pass as I walk around campus.

I think Tank really likes me and that makes me very happy.  He certainly gets excited and wants to have sex with me a lot. But I guess I should tell you that Tank sometimes brings girls -- especially cheerleaders -- back to our room. He says he needs to keep up his image and that people would think it was really strange if he wasn't sleeping with a bunch of girls.  Anyway, the hardest part is when he texts me that he's bringing a girl over and I have to clear out of the dorm room immediately.  And sometimes I'm all dolled up because I was expecting to spend the evening with Tank.  So I have to quickly clean off my make-up and change back into my boy clothes and plan on spending the night sleeping on the couch in the TV room downstairs.  I guess I get a little jealous when Tank is sleeping with girls and sometimes it's hard for me to fall asleep on the couch thinking about him being in bed with them.  But I believe that Tank really loves me -- in his own way -- and that this is just one more way I need to be a good sissy and to be supportive of my man.

As much as I enjoy making Tank happy -- and as natural as it has become for me to dress and act like a girlish sissy -- sometimes I wonder if I am doing the right thing.  Each day I feel a little part of the person I was before I met Tank disappear.  Sometimes I even get confused if I'm even really a boy any more.  Where will all this lead?                                                                      Anyway, tomorrow I'm going ride the bus back to the mall to buy some more clothes. And this time I am going to go dressed as a girl. That way I can try on things in the ladies dressing room and people won't look at me funny when I'm shopping for bras and underwear. I don't think anyone will guess that I'm not really a girl.  Do you?

Monday, March 13, 2023

Sissy Roommate - part 5 -- Some New Clothes

Well, my trip to the mall was quite an adventure.  I had made a list of the things I thought I would need.  More sexy underwear, some sexy tops and some short short skirts were definitely on the list.  I also planned to buy some more make-up and some brushes and sprays to make my hair look nicer.  And I hoped I would have enough money left over for some perfume -- I thought that Tank would really enjoy that.                                                                             But one thing made me extra nervous about my shopping adventure: Tank had also told me to get some clothes to wear outside.  He was going to make me go outside fully dressed as a girl! So I needed to be smart about what I bought since this wasn't just for sissy dress-up games in our dorm room.
Here's one of the outfits I bought for myself on that first trip to the mall.  Don't you like this cute little top?  I didn't realize when I bought it that it wouldn't even cover my tummy!  But I think it looks super cute.  And I think it looks nice with the short plaid skirt I bought.  I also bought some shoes and a bag that I could take outside with me.

Here's a close-up of my face.  I think you can see that I've gotten a lot better with my make-up.  I think I look very pretty in this photo.                                                                                         Maybe you can tell that I have plucked my eyebrows into a pretty arch shape.  That, along with some eyeliner and mascara, helps make my eyes look extra big and pretty.                                                                                             And Tank really likes it when I wear lipstick.  With some practice, I've gotten really good at putting it on. I spent a little more to get extra long wearing lipstick because regular lipstick doesn't stay on for very long since Tank likes kissing me so much.

And as you can see, Tank was true to his word.  He made me go outside behind our dorm to take these photos.  I was so scared that someone would see me as we went out the back stairs.  But the sensation of being outside dressed as a girl was so exciting!  I loved the feeling of the cool fall air on my exposed skin.  I loved posing for my man as he took dozens of photos of me.                                                                                                And I could tell that Tank was getting excited by taking me outside and making pose for photos.  Because when he was done taking pictures, he grabbed me by the wrist and rushed me back upstairs to our dorm room.  "All fours!  Now!" he growled. I quickly did as I was ordered and positioned myself on my hands and knees on the floor.  Tank pulled down his pants and approached me from behind, lifting up my skirt and pulling down my lacy panties.  Tank loves to fuck me in all sorts of different positions -- but I think he likes it best when I'm on my hands and knees.  I love it when he spanks my bottom while his dick is pumping in and out of me.  It gets me so excited when Tank says how tight my "pussy" is while he's fucking me.  I have to admit that it's pretty painful when Tank fucks me because his cock is so enormous. Sometimes it hurts so much that I cry while Tank is pounding away at me.  But it also makes me feel so happy and fulfilled to be pleasing Tank and to submit to him so completely.