Friday, July 20, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 5

When Erica reappeared, Ms. Trainer excitedly said, "Oh, Roberto, this one is for you!  Now I know you like to have the boys over every Wednesday for poker.  And I know you like to have Erica serve them drinks and food and so on.  Now, what do your buddies think about being served by a sissy?"

"Some of them are really freaked out by it," replied Roberto. "But most are into it, since he is so pretty and will do whatever they tell him to do."

"Well, imagine this, Roberto.  Instead of greeting your friends in a maid's uniform, picture Erica appearing dressed like this!  He looks like the hostess at a fancy club or casino, don't you think?  I think it will really add some elegance to your poker parties.  Now are you getting the idea of what a 'decorative sissy' can be?"

"Yes, I think so.  I mean, he looks fantastic in that dress.  It's SO short!" he said with a giant smile.

"Now wait until you see this," added Ms. Trainer.

And with that she instructed Erica to remove the little chiffon bolero jacket that he had been wearing over his dress. Two skinny straps held up Erica's sparkly blue dress.  The spaghetti straps seemed to accentuate how skinny and delicate his shoulders now were.

"Oh, yeah," said Roberto. "That is so fuckin' hot!"

"I knew you'd like this," said Ms. Trainer.  "And I know your friends will as well.  I think they will really enjoy ogling your sissy while he is dressed like this.  I bet a lot of hands will find their way up that short skirt for a grab of his cute little ass, don't you think?"

"I know it!" said Roberto.  "Turn around, bitch," Roberto ordered.

Roberto went over and did exactly what Ms. Trainer described.  He roughly reached up under Erica's short dress and gave his bottom a hard squeeze.  "You like that, don't you, you stupid sissy bitch?"

"Oh yes sir," Erica obediently replied. "Yes, I like it when you grab my ass.  Sir."

"I think your friends will never miss another poker night ever again," opined Ms. Trainer.  "Now, be a good little sissy and put on another of your pretty new dresses for us."

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 4

Erica re-entered the room where Roberto, Ms. Trainer and I were sitting.  This time he was wearing an elegant gold cocktail dress, sleeveless with a deep vee back.  The bodice of the dress was decorated with little pearls, while a wide sash of gathered fabric wrapped around him, just below the bust.  He looked so elegant and beautiful.  Simply stunning!                                                                          I was still astonished by how skinny and delicate he looked, his pretty new dress draped over his slender shoulders.  Ever since I feminized him five years ago, I have been able to easily dominate Erica -- mentally and physically -- but in his current emaciated state, I'm was pretty sure I would be able to do anything I could imagine to him physically.  Pick him up.  Throw him down.  Slap him around.  Anything.  The thought got me excited.
I looked again at Erica's face.  The fear and sadness were so visible, his eyes barely holding back back tears of shame and anxiety.                                                                                         "What's with this crazy fashion show?" Roberto asked. "Why can't we just throw Erica into the trunk of the car and take him home already?"                                                                                         "Roberto, I already explained this to you about a dozen times," I said with some exasperation.  "Part of the training Erica received was in becoming a 'decorative sissy.'  Ms. Trainer is letting us see some of Erica's new outfits that he'll be wearing at home."

"What's wrong with his maid's uniforms?" Roberto asked.                                                                                                                                                Ms. Trainer jumped in to help me out.  "Roberto, 'decorative sissies' are all the latest rage.  Of course it only really works if you have an exceptionally pretty sissy like Erica.  But let me explain.  Of course there is nothing wrong with him wearing a maid's uniform.  When Erica is doing his chores -- cooking, cleaning, etc. -- he will continue to dress as a maid.  But at other times he can serve you in a more 'decorative' manner.  Like when he is bringing you coffee in bed or greeting you when you return home in the evening, Erica will change into one of his pretty new dresses and high strappy shoes so he can look his very best while he's serving you.  And think how elegant it will be when Erica greets your guests at the front door dressed like this, to take their coats and to show them in.  And say you and your wife are relaxing in den or entertaining another couple, Erica can be posed where ever you want him, silently and motionlessly adding some beauty to your home.  As a 'decorative sissy,' think of him more like a pretty vase or painting on the wall than as a person."

"Or a Barbie doll," Roberto responded.

 "Yes. Very much like a Barbie doll," Ms. Trainer replied.  "But you can't gang fuck a Barbie doll in the ass, now can you?"  We all had a huge laugh at Ms. Trainer's joke.  Well, all except Erica.                                                                                          "But won't that be a lot of extra work, changing in and out of his maid's dress and these fancy dresses, re-doing his hair and make-up, several times a day?" Roberto asked.                                                                                                               "Of course it will be a lot of extra time and effort for Erica, but he doesn't mind.  Do you, sweetie?  You will be honored to work hard to be extra pretty around the house. Right?"
"Yes, Ms. Trainer.  I will be honored to make myself extra pretty around the house," Erica replied softly, staring down at the floor, unable to meet our eyes as his future as a Barbie-like fuck toy was joked about right in front of him.                                                                                               "Such a sweet sissy," Ms. Trainer cooed.  "Time for another dress!"

Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 3

"Oh, this is one of my favorite dresses," Ms. Trainer gushed as Erica re-entered the room where we were sitting.  "It's so prim and proper, with its high satin collar and elbow-length sleeves.  But it's so short!  It really shows off Erica's pretty legs, don't you agree?  And the illusion top really makes it so sexy."                                                                                                    Roberto and I heartily agreed.  "His legs are perfect!" I enthused.  "I think his legs are better than mine. I'm jealous!"                                                                                            "Naughty sissy!" Ms. Trainer pretend scolded.  "Making your wife jealous.  That won't do.  I imagine you will have to be punished for that."  Ms. Trainer winked at me and gave me a big smile, enjoying adding a little extra terror to Erica's day.

"Stand right there, Erica," Ms. Trainer instructed as she invited me to stand next to Erica.  "Just look at how tailored and form-fitting this dress is." She took my hand and placed it on Erica's waist.  "Can you feel the special corset he is wearing under his dress?" she asked me. "These new corsets are so smooth and thin, you can't see them, even under the tightest or clingiest of outfits.  But it's on there, really cinching Erica in where he needs it most."  I ran my hands around Erica's mid-section.                                                                                                                                 "Oh yes," I said. "I can definitely feel it.  It feels like it is made of steel -- it's so hard."                                                                                                       "Yes, exactly," Ms. Trainer confirmed. "It's an amazing contraption.  It's impossible for Erica to put it on or take it off by himself.  You will have to zip him in and out of it.  But I recommend that sissies keep their corsets on almost 24 hours a day.  It is a very good idea for sissies to sleep in their corsets. It helps with making the figure training permanent.  And while wearing this corset, your little sissy will never slouch again. I think proper posture is so important for a sissy."

Then Roberto spoke up.  "Did you cut off his dick?" he asked, completely out of the blue.                                                                         "Oh goodness no," answered Ms. Trainer.  "I would never do that without explicit instructions from a sissy's owners."                                                                                            I explained.  "Roberto has been urging me to have Erica's dick cut off so he can have a real pussy made.  Someday we'll do that, Roberto.  Just be patient.  I want Erica to keep his little dickie for a while longer.  I don't want him to start thinking he's a real woman.  Anyway, Roberto, I know you enjoy fucking Erica's tight sissy-pussy, now don't you?" 

Roberto had to admit he did.

"You are a very lucky sissy, Erica," Ms. Trainer said. "Your wife/mistress and her lover are very fond of you and take wonderful care of you.  Don't you agree, dear?"

"Yes, Ms. Trainer.  I agree.  I am very lucky that my owners take such good care of me," Erica managed to whisper.

"Very good, sweetie," Ms. Trainer said.  "Now go put on the next outfit."

Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 2

After a few minutes, Sissy Erica returned to the room, this time wearing a delightful navy blue, knee length cocktail dress.  The fabric gathered below the bust highlighting Erica's exquisite figure. His hair was still perfectly coifed as he paraded in front of us atop his silver heels.

I was completely struck by how beautiful he was -- sexy actually -- yet at the same time his eyes clearly showed the extreme sadness and shame and fear he was feeling.

"Turn around, sweetie," Ms. Trainer instructed.  "We want to see you from every angle.  Erica complied, showing us his sweet little ass, his dress tailored to highlight his tush. It looked just as perfect as it did in the gold silk dress he was wearing before. "Go ahead, Roberto," Ms. Trainer urged.  "Go ahead and give it a squeeze -- or a spank. I'm sure you want to!" she said with a laugh.  And with that Roberto got up from the sofa and walked up to Erica, still standing motionless with his back to us.  Roberto but his hand on Erica's ass and started rubbing and squeezing. "Oh, yeah. That's nice!" Roberto reported. "Really nice..."  Despite his extensive training, I could see Erica shudder and stiffen as Roberto placed his big manly hand on his pert little bottom.

"That's enough for now," I said to Roberto. "There will be plenty of time for that when we get home."

I have to apologize.  I jumped right into my story without giving you any of the background.  Eric and I were married about seven years ago.  It wasn't until after we were married that I learned that Eric was a sissy crossdresser.  He tried to hide it from me but of course I figured out what was going on.  Well about five years ago I decided that I was tiring of Eric's secretive crossdressing on the weekends and his pathetic attempts to act masculine the rest of the time.  I was no longer interested in him sexually and I wanted to make some major changes in our lives.  I decided that it was time for him to give into his weak, feminine and submissive nature once and for all.  I did some research and learned about Ms. Trainer's Transformation Services.  This was exactly what I wanted. I immediately enrolled Eric in the complete sissification package.  He cried and cried when he realized what was about to happen to him as I handed him over to Ms. Trainer's staff.  But they quickly sedated him and dragged him inside to begin his fourteen month conversion.

At about the same time that I deposited hubby Eric at the Transformation Academy, I met my current lover, Roberto.  Roberto is an amazing lover -- strong and masculine.  He and I share the Master Bedroom.  And Eric -- now Erica -- has moved into a small bedroom near the laundry.  Erica is our submissive sissy maid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  He is our personal slave doing whatever we want or need -- he cooks and cleans, serves us breakfast in bed, he massages and bathes us --everything.  And Roberto really enjoys fucking Erica, especially when I'm away.  I don't mind.  Roberto is a real man and he has his needs.

Roberto and I decided that we would celebrate our five year anniversary by taking a three month tour of Europe.  I was so excited!  It was going to cost a fortune, but that's OK because Eric had made millions in software before he became Erica.  And now Eric's millions are all mine.

Anyway, Roberto and I planned our trip.  But what to do about Erica? We couldn't leave him unsupervised for three months.  So I call Ms. Trainer for advice.  She suggested that, while we were away, I leave Erica with her for a brand new program she was launching -- An intensive "Sissy Refresher Course" for advanced sissies. Ms. Trainer gave me an initial description over the phone and later emailed me more details.  It sounded perfect so I agreed right away, even though it was very, very expensive.  And now that I was seeing the results, I know we had made the right decision and it was worth every penny.

"That's very nice Erica," Ms. Trainer said.  "Go back and put on the next outfit and model it for us."  And off Erica went again.

Before Erica minced out of the room on his high silver heels, I caught his eye once again.  Whatever Ms. Trainer had done to him over the past twelve weeks had left him a nervous, terrified wreck.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Sissy Refresher -- Part 1

"Come out here now, Erica," Ms. Trainer called.  "Your wife and her lover are here and they are dying to see the new you."

Tentatively, timidly, Erica -- formerly my husband Eric -- entered the room.  I gasped.  My Erica was gorgeous.  He was wearing a lovely silk dress in the palest gold.  His hair was perfectly styled.  And he was so skinny!

"Don't be frightened, Erica," Ms. Trainer said gently.  "You look lovely.  There is nothing to be embarrassed about."  Despite Ms. Trainer's reassurances, Erica seemed terribly nervous.  I could tell that he was on the verge of tears.  "Come along now, Erica.  Be a good girl."   Erica walked across the room and stood in front of Roberto and me. He delicately held a cute clutch purse in his manicured fingers.

"Ms. Trainer," I said. "He's lovely.  I mean...fantastic."  Ms. Trainer smiled with satisfaction.

"I thought you would be impressed," she replied.

I had deposited Erica here just twelve weeks ago.  Of course he was already a fully feminized sissy, having gone through Ms. Trainer's transformation process some years ago.  But now he looked so beautiful, so elegant.  And so incredibly skinny.

"How did you get him to be so skinny?" I asked.  Erica was already very, very thin before.  But now -- wow!

"Well, it's not too complicated.  It's a combination of a severe -- and I mean severe -- diet, combined with a lipo/body sculpting procedure, combined with some amazing corsetry that he's wearing that I get from Japan.  It's terribly uncomfortable -- but the results are so worth it!  Erica, don't you just love wearing your corset?"

Erica spoke for the first time.  "Yes, Ms. Trainer, I love wearing my corset."  His words were barely a whisper.  He seemed so upset.  I could see tears welling up in the corners of his eyes.  And he was trembling very slightly, perched about his silver, strappy high heels.

"Ms. Trainer," I asked.  Why is he trembling like that?"

"Well," she replied, "It has been quite a difficult twelve weeks for our lovely Erica here.  He has really done his best to cooperate with our refresher program for advanced sissies.  But it hasn't been easy, has it Erica?"

"No, Ms. Trainer.  It has not been easy," came his breathy reply.

"There, there.  Try to relax, Erica.  We wouldn't want your tears to ruin your make-up now, would we?

"No, Ms. Trainer," he replied.

Ms. Trainer continued.  "Our little sissy Erica may also be nervous about what awaits him when he returns home with you and Roberto.  All of this extra training he has received is for a purpose.  And he is well aware of just how attractive -- enticing, really -- he has become.  And I think he is nervous about what you have in mind for him."

"Ah, I understand," I replied.  Of course the experience of the last twelve weeks would have been both punishingly cruel, as well as plant seeds of anxiety for what his life would be like when we returned home.

"Now come over here, Erica," Ms. Trainer ordered.  "Let me help you off with your jacket."  Erica obediently stood still while Ms. Trainer undid the buttons in the back and slid the jacket off of my sissy.

As the jacket came off, Roberto said, "Damn!"

"Damn is right!" agreed Ms. Trainer.  "That is one fantastic looking sissy!"

I couldn't believe my eyes. With the little jacket off, Erica posed there in front of us, in his strapless dress.  His shoulders were impossibly skinny and delicate.  He was obviously dying with shame as Roberto and I took in this sight.  Again, I thought Erica was about to start crying.

"Now turn around Erica.  Let's show your wife and Roberto how pretty you are from the back," Ms. Trainer instructed.  I loved how Ms. Trainer talked to Erica in a voice you would use speaking to a little child. But when speaking to Roberto and me, she would talk about Erica as if he wasn't even in the room.  There was a sly, cruel -- but also very humorous -- way to everything Ms. Trainer did with her sissies.

Erica turned around and Roberto let out an involuntary whistle.  "Oh my God!" I gasped.  "His's simply perfect."

Ms. Trainer smiled with satisfaction.  And even with his back to us I could sense Erica's deepening sense of shame as we all talked about his cute round ass.

"Erica, go back into the other room and put on one of your other dresses.  I know your wife and Roberto will enjoy seeing you model your cute new outfits."  And with that, poor Erica minced out of the room to change.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Pretty Little Sissy for Ms. Jones -- Part 2

"Good," said Ms. Jones with a satisfied smile. "Because I want us to become very special friends." And with that she took of the blouse and skirt she had been wearing and stood in front of Veronica in just her bra and panties. Sissy Veronica's eyes nearly popped out of his head having never seen a woman undressed in real life, let alone a sexy, curvy goddess like Ms. Jones.

"Now tell me, Veronica, tell me that you want to be a beautiful woman like me.  Say it!"

"Oh, yes, Ms. Jones, I want to be a beautiful woman just like you!"  Ms. Jones smiled with great satisfaction.

"Now come here, Veronica," Ms. Jones instructed.  She wrapped her arms around the sissy's narrow shoulders and pulled him close to her enormous breasts.  She kissed him hard on the lips and let her hands start to explore Veronica's skinny, smooth body.

"Now, Veronica, I want you to start kissing me all over my body," Ms. Jones instructed and sissy Veronica did as he was told, starting at Ms. Jones' neck and working his way down to her breasts, her belly and beyond.

As Ms. Jones looked into her new sissy plaything's eyes, she thought about all the fun they would have together.  She thought about how exciting it will be to attack her sweet young thing with an enormous strap-on dildo, taking Veronica's sissy virginity away from him.  She thought about how much fun it will be to invite her friends over -- men and women -- and to share her sissy plaything with them.  She started thinking about having a couple of giant studs spit-roast the little sissy -- one dick in his mouth, the other up his sissy pussy -- while she filmed it for the internet.  That thought made her pussy very wet!

"Now, Veronica, you have to understand that your are a sissy and that you now belong to me.  That means you have to do everything I tell you to do, without question or hesitation.  Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Ms. Jones, I understand," Sissy Veronica softly replied.

"What do you understand, sissy?"

"That I am your sissy and that I now belong to you.  And that I must do everything you tell me to do," the sissy repeated back.

"Good, sissy," Ms. Jones replied.  "Now take off your bra and panties and put on this condom.  I am going to let you fuck me with your itty-bitty sissy-dickie-wickie."  Ms. Jones laughed.

Sissy Veronica stripped as ordered and put on the condom.  Ms. Jones instructed him exactly what she wanted him to do to bring her pleasure.  And he did it.  She had the most explosive and satisfying orgasm she had had in years.  Sissy Veronica came as well, of course.  It was the most exciting moment of his life.

"Remove the condom very carefully, sissy, and hand it to me.  Now close your eyes, tilt your head back and open your mouth."  Sissy Veronica did as ordered without question.  And as he did, Ms. Jones emptied the contents of the condom into the sissy's open mouth, squeezing every last drop of sissy cum out onto Veronica's tongue.  "That's a good sissy," Ms. Jones breathed. "Swallow it all, every drop.  Sissies have to eat cum every day, so get used to it.  Some days it will be your cum, but many days it will be another man's cum."

Ms. Jones handed Sissy Veronica the white bra and panty he had been wearing earlier.  "Put these back on and wear them under your clothes tonight and at school tomorrow.  You better be wearing them when you come to my house immediately after school.   Do you understand?"

Sissy Veronica put on the bra and panties and got dressed to go home.  "Yes, Ms. Jones.  I understand completely."