Sunday, April 14, 2024

A Reluctant Sissy -- Part 7 -- Going Home

It had been nearly six months since I had deposited my rotten, trouble-making son at Mrs. Trainer's "academy" outside of London when I received this letter from her:

"Dear Mrs. _______

The big day has finally arrived!  Your son has graduated from our sissy transformation program and I know you will be absolutely delighted with the results.

Your darling Kimberly is prepared to be obedient and submissive to you in every way.  I would urge you to begin thinking hard about how you will incorporate Kimberly into your life at home.  I'm sure you are already thinking about how Kimberly will take care of all the household chores -- cleaning, cooking, laundry, ironing, etc.  But there is so much more you can expect from your new sissy.  Your sissy exists only to enhance your life in every way imaginable.  Get creative.  Your sissy can serve you breakfast in bed or massage your feet while you are eating lunch (that he has prepared and served you). Your sissy can bathe and dress you --- there is no point being modest around your sissy; it is best to think of your sissy as an extension of yourself.  Your sissy can tidy up after you have enjoyed time with your lover."

I stopped reading for a moment to let Mrs. Trainer's words sink in.  Having Kimberly bathe and dress me...? I hadn't thought of that, but it gave me a tingle just thinking about it.  And it had been years since I had experienced a lover -- and all because I was constantly dealing with my son's misbehavior.  Well, that would certainly be fair -- making Kimberly tidy up after I'm done having sex with a man since he prevented me from having any romantic relationships for so long.

I returned to the letter.

"It is important to keep your sissy busy and on a strict schedule at all times.  For many of our clients, sissy bedtime (I we mean lights-out!) is 8:30pm, with wake-up at 4:30am.  That gives your sissy 90 minutes to prepare themselves for the day and make themselves look lovely for you, and another hour to prepare the house and breakfast for you by 7:00am.  Of course you will establish whatever schedule best suits you.

And PLEASE, do not miss opportunities to punish and berate your sissy.  The smallest mistake or infraction (even if you have to make it up!) should be dealt with severely.  Over the knee spankings are very effective (always use a hairbrush to protect your hands) and scolding is always appropriate.  Reminding Kimberly frequently that he is a pathetic, weak, stupid, worthless sissy is very beneficial.

We will be putting Kimberly on a plane home to you in just seven days from now.  We will send several cases of clothes and other items that Kimberly will need.  We will also send along our sissy owners manual that is filled with useful tips for getting the most from your new sissy.

Enjoy the photo enclosed.  We are having Kimberly model the outfit that he will wear on the plane ride home to you.  This is what he will look like when you see him next week at the airport.  Isn't this marvelous.  So beautiful and so impractical!  He will certainly get plenty of attention during his journey home.

All of us here at the Academy have been delighted to work with your son.  We are very pleased with the changes we were able to make in him.

We are always here for you if you need us in the future.

Regards, Mrs. Trainer" 

Sunday, January 21, 2024

A Reluctant Sissy -- Part 6 - Sissies for Hire

About a month had passed before I received another letter from Mrs. Trainer.

"Dear Mrs. ____,

Sorry for the delay in writing but things here at the school are very busy indeed.  This is a crucial time in our training process where we expect to see our sissies display the attitude and actions that are expected of them without any reminders, prodding or punishment.  We are still enjoying our trips into London and our Thursday night officers' parties.  And I am delighted to report that your son is by far the best behaved, hardest working, most delightful little sissy in the entire class.  We are absolutely thrilled with how far he has come in just five short months here.

There is a special privilege (well, I 'm not sure the sissies see it as a privilege) that we reserve for our most accomplished, most feminized, most obedient sissies.  On occasion, if one (or more) of our handsome, older Air Force officers wants to "borrow" a sissy, that is something we can sometimes arrange.  Well, I can assure you that ALL of the gentlemen are asking for time with your beautiful son.

Sometimes an officer will request a sissy to be their date for an evening of dining and clubbing in London.  Your Kimberly  went on such a date two weeks ago wearing that adorable black minidress.  Doesn't he look divine.  Our officer was so proud having this lovely sissy hanging on his arm all evening, showing him off to all his friends."                                                                                                               I stopped reading long enough to look at the first photo.  I nearly fainted at the sight of my son wearing a very sexy minidress -- and looking amazing in it.  He looked so delicate, so feminine.  The short dress made his legs look so long and slender, the high heels he wore added to the effect.   I took a breath and returned to the letter.
"Then last week, another officer borrowed Kimberly for an entire weekend, jetting him off to some swanky island resort.  We assembled some fabulous outfits for your son for this little adventure.  I simply love the very revealing black top combined with the wide leg trousers.  Your son looks like he stepped out of a fashion magazine!  And the fun part of wearing that top - it makes our sissies wish that their boobs were actually larger than they are (but the hormones only work so fast -- don't worry, you can expect a lot more progress in this department over the months ahead).  We also sent your son off with a sexy swimsuit for his resort getaway."

I stopped again to look at these two photos.....

"And please don't be concerned by the expression on Kimberly's face.  I'm happy to report that he is not sneering or frowning for the camera.  Rather, he is genuinely frightened of being sent away for time alone with these men.  As awful as life is for our sissies in the school, they become familiar with their surroundings and the routine and they take comfort in that.  But when they are sent off into the world on their own, with no chaperone, that can be very unsettling.  Your lovely Kimberly was absolutely trembling with fear before being sent off on these two "assignments."                                                                                                                But I'm happy to tell you that in both instances our officer friends were absolutely delighted with Kimberly's company!  
There is a group of three officers who have inquired as to whether they could take Kimberly away for a weekend at a country estate they are renting.  I think that sounds like a marvelous idea.  I'm sure they will find all sorts of ways to keep your darling son busy!  

I expect that there will be some sad faces over at the base when it's time for your Kimberly to be sent home to you.

That's all for now.  We are in the final stages of preparing your son to go home to you!

Sincerely, Mrs. Trainer"

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

A Reluctant Sissy -- Part 5 -- Elegant Nights

When I opened my most recent update letter from Mrs. Trainer, these two photos fell out of the envelope.  I must have stared at them for five whole minutes before I could tear myself away from them to read her letter to me.

"Dear Mrs. ____, 

I am very pleased to report that our progress with your son is proceeding very, very well.  An entirely new personality is being revealed; One that is demure, gentle and obedient.  I am sure you will be delighted when you see the finished product in just a few short months from now.

Now that our sissy students have been with us for 16 weeks, the intensity of the training and our expectations of our "ladies" increases quite dramatically.  Days are longer, infractions are dealt with more severely and our behavior and personality manipulation (some might call it brainwashing) is taken to a new level.

We are very fortunate that our school is located just a few miles from a Royal Air Force base.  Over time, we have developed a relationship with a select group of senior officers from the base that we can trust.  Every Thursday night, we invite our officer friends over for a very swanky party with our darling sissies.  The officers tell their wives that they are working late (seems to happen every Thursday!) and our sissies entertain these handsome gentlemen from early in the evening until well past midnight.

We dress our sissies up in their finest outfits to show the officers how much we appreciate their company.  And it should be no surprise that your little Kimberly is one of the officers' favorites!  The gentlemen arrive -- in full dress uniform, of course -- around 6:00pm.  It's cocktails and flirting with the sissies.  Then dinner at 8:00 followed by more cocktails, dancing and...well, whatever the officers want to do.  We have plenty of space here at the school for the officers to take a sissy somewhere private for some one-on-one time.  This goes on for a few more hours until our gentlemen guests are exhausted and need to head home to their families.

You may be curious as to why we incorporate some much interaction with men into our training program.  Let me explain.  First, when our sissies are in the presence of alpha males, like our wonderful RAF officers, they are shocked into realizing just how little they have in common with such real men.  Being surrounded by strong, masculine, muscular men, our sissies feel small and delicate and weak.  They recognize nothing of themselves in our handsome guests.

Second, it is understood by all that the sissies are to cooperate with and please our guests at all times.  Our officers are accustomed to having their instruction followed and their needs met.  It is wonderful practice for our sissies to understand that their role is only to please and to serve.  At this point in their training, they are beginning to feel a sense of fulfillment, and even pride, in their submissiveness and servitude to these strong, dominant men.

I will write again with more photos as soon as I can.

Sincerely, Mrs. Trainer"

I put away Mrs. Trainer's letter and again marveled at the photos of my beautiful, elegant, ladylike son.  I could just imagine how these older gentlemen would absolutely drool at the site of such a lovely young "girl."  And while at first I was shocked by the thought of him being forced to endure...encounters...with men, I could see Mrs. Trainer's point that it was probably a very powerful indoctrination and re-education tool.  I reminded myself of just how bad his behavior was before I sent him away and how I was in favor of whatever Mrs. Trainer felt she needed to do to fix his awful behavior and attitude. 


Wednesday, December 27, 2023

A Reluctant Sissy -- Part 4 - Going into London

I was now getting updates from Mrs. Trainer every couple of weeks regarding my son's feminization transformation.  The latest letter read as follows:

"Dear Mrs. _____, 

Now that our most recent crop of sissy students has been with us for a couple of months, we have added a fun new activity to their schedules.  Every two weeks we get our little sissies all dolled up to spend a fun day in London!  It is so much fun dressing our sissy boys up in the cutest little outfits and to spend an entire day putting them on full display in the busy city.

There is so much to do in London; we usually start our day at a chic salon where the sissies can get their hair and nails done.  The ladies at the salon really enjoy working on our naughty boys and ensure that they all look their very prettiest for the rest of their big day out.  We usually do some shopping for dresses and pretty things at a few boutiques or one of the wonderful London department stores.  Then it's off to downtown (we call it "The City") where we go for lunch at some restaurant crowded with handsome young businessmen.  There is a lot of ogling and leering going on as our sissies try their hardest to ignore all the attention they are getting.  Sometimes a brave young banker will approach one of our tables and try to flirt with one of our boys.  It's very upsetting for our sissies to realize that they have been so feminized that they have become the objects of desire for real men!"

I stopped reading for a moment to take a look at the photos that Mrs. Trainer had included.  My heart nearly stopped when I saw the first photo --  my son in a pretty yellow cardigan, chicly belted around his skinny waist. And this was over a blue polka dot pleated skirt that fell just below his knees.  This was finished with towering pair of open-toe pumps and the same oversized pearl jewelry I had seen in earlier photos.  He looked simply amazing.  So stylish.  Simply gorgeous.  But as always, that naughty boy refuses to smile for the camera!  

I continued reading:

"Our day might include a ballet matinee or high tea at a fancy hotel.  You know -- all the things real ladies love to do.  And our sissies are expected to demonstrate their best behavior and participate enthusiastically in whatever activity we dream up for them.

Of course, your darling Kimberly is so very pretty that he attracts a lot of attention where ever we go.  Doesn't he look so sweet in the little pink and blue sweater and skirt ensemble he's wearing!?!  He wears this outfit so well that I promise that we will send it home with him when his training and transformation here are over."

I looked at the second photo that Mrs. Trainer had enclosed.  It was shocking to see how feminine -- how absolutely lovely -- my rotten son looked.  My mind went into overdrive in that moment, beginning to imagine the new life the two of us would be living when he returned home.  

Mrs. Trainer's letter concluded:

"You may have total confidence that we will complete your son's transformation to our very high standards.  You will be delighted with the lovely and feminine and compliant sissy that you will see in just a few short months.

Sincerely, Mrs. Trainer." 

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

A Reluctant Sissy -- Part 3 -- Sissies go to Church

It had only been a week since my last letter when I received another update from Mrs. Trainer on my sissy son's progress at Mrs. Trainer's "transformation" academy

"Dear Mrs. _____, 

All of our sissies, including your pretty son, continue to make wonderful progress.  Of course, there are challenges to overcome, but nobody said it would be easy!

There is so much activity here at the academy every day and every week.  I know you never had the opportunity to attend our full orientation program for sissy guardians and owners, so I hope my letters will help you get a full picture of all the fun we are having here (well, fun for us. Not so much fun for the sissies!  Ha ha!)

One lovely tradition we have is that we take all of our sissies to church every Sunday.  The vicar of our local church is quite the pervert and he enjoys getting to know each of our sissy students.  Every week, our sissies get all dolled up in their Sunday finest and we parade them into church, where they all sit in first pew, their dresses and make-up and posture simply perfect."

I marveled at the photos Mrs. Trainer sent of my son wearing these adorable, conservative -- but very stylish -- outfits.  The idea of Mrs. Trainer's staff forcing my son into these clothes and then taking him out in public gave me an unexpected shock of excitement. He's even wearing gloves in one photo!  And I simply love the oversized pearl jewelry they have him wearing.  

And there was that same sad/mad face.  I knew that attending Mrs. Trainer's academy must be torture -- but I also knew that it was for the best.  Besides, he brought it on himself!

I returned to Mrs. Trainer's letter.

"Part of what makes taking our little sissies to church so fun is that the congregation has no idea these are naughty boys all dolled up and in the process of being transformed.  As far as the other churchgoers know, these "ladies" are attending a "finishing school" that I run.  And the best part is, while our little sissies serve coffee and cake after the service, all the church ladies make such a fuss over them saying things like, "How I wish my daughter would act and dress like such a perfect lady," or "I wish my son in London could meet a nice young lady like you."  This attention makes our little sissies absolutely squirm! For the staff at our school, it is one of the high points of our week.

I mentioned that our local vicar takes a very keen interest in our sissies.  He is an obese old man who visits our school several times a week to meet with our sissies one-on-one for  "spiritual development" counseling.  This always seems to involve our sissies enduring a lot of severe over the knee spanking.  And I'm not sure that there is a lot of praying going on, but our sissies seem to spend a lot of time on their knees when they're with him (wink, wink!)

Rest assured, we are doing a very thorough job on your son.  Don't let that insubordinate sneer on his face worry you; your son is stubborn but I promise he will be as meek and gentle as a baby kitten when he returns to you.

Sincerely, Mrs. Trainer"

Sunday, November 26, 2023

A Reluctant Sissy -- Part 2 -- Dinner

About two weeks after I received my first report on my son's progress at Ms. Trainer's London facility for enforced feminization and obedience training, I received another update -- with more photos.  Let me share this latest update with you:

"Dear Mrs. ____,                                                                                                                               We wanted to let you know that we are continuing to make good progress with your son's transformation.  As you know, he is rather strong-willed and stubborn - but our staff loves a challenge!  And we have the tools and the experience to break down even the most reluctant sissy.                                                                                                                                                             The enclosed photos show your son dressed for dinner.  Dinner is a rather formal affair here at the facility and we insist that our sissies dress up nightly in an appropriately fancy and feminine manner.  We think your son looks absolutely divine in his dinner dresses.  As you can see, his still refuses to smile for the camera.  He is very unhappy with what we are forcing him to do and he is probably terrified of what the future holds for him.  Regardless, I think he looks simply divine in the nude colored dress and absolutely charming in the green dress"                                                                                                                                               I took a moment to study these latest photos.  I could hardly believe that this lovely creature in the long sleeveless dresses was really my son!  He looked so ladylike, so elegant.  But I certainly did recognize his scowl -- just about the only expression I ever saw him make.  Well, pout as much as you like, sissy boy.  I know you will be no match for Ms. Trainer's staff and their techniques! 

The letter continued:

"I understand that you never received much background on our process here at the facility as I know you deposited your son with us with some urgency.  I thought you would enjoy a quick overview of our process. Every day begins at 5:00AM sharp and our sissies make themselves pretty for the day.  Then for the next 12 hours, it is non-stop chores and training. We are proud of what wonderful domestic workers our sissy graduates are after hundreds of hours of cleaning and cooking and serving -- all under our most strict supervision, of course. There is intense training on etiquette, deportment, speaking, beauty and other skills expected of sissies (did anyone say massage?)  Training here includes classes led by my wonderful staff, supplemented with subliminal messaging and hypnosis.  We have also begun your son on medically supervised hormone treatment (you will recall signing a release for that.)                                                                                                 I did not share it with you in my prior letter, but we did have to use some rather extreme measures on your son during his first weeks with us.  But we know what we are doing in this area and we were able to get him to understand that he is to be obedient and submissive and cooperative -- or risk a repeat of the punishments he received when he first arrived.                                                                                                    Anyway, those days are behind us now and your lovely sissy son is making wonderful progress.    I will write again soon.  Sincerely, Mrs. Trainer."