Sunday, January 21, 2024

A Reluctant Sissy -- Part 6 - Sissies for Hire

About a month had passed before I received another letter from Mrs. Trainer.

"Dear Mrs. ____,

Sorry for the delay in writing but things here at the school are very busy indeed.  This is a crucial time in our training process where we expect to see our sissies display the attitude and actions that are expected of them without any reminders, prodding or punishment.  We are still enjoying our trips into London and our Thursday night officers' parties.  And I am delighted to report that your son is by far the best behaved, hardest working, most delightful little sissy in the entire class.  We are absolutely thrilled with how far he has come in just five short months here.

There is a special privilege (well, I 'm not sure the sissies see it as a privilege) that we reserve for our most accomplished, most feminized, most obedient sissies.  On occasion, if one (or more) of our handsome, older Air Force officers wants to "borrow" a sissy, that is something we can sometimes arrange.  Well, I can assure you that ALL of the gentlemen are asking for time with your beautiful son.

Sometimes an officer will request a sissy to be their date for an evening of dining and clubbing in London.  Your Kimberly  went on such a date two weeks ago wearing that adorable black minidress.  Doesn't he look divine.  Our officer was so proud having this lovely sissy hanging on his arm all evening, showing him off to all his friends."                                                                                                               I stopped reading long enough to look at the first photo.  I nearly fainted at the sight of my son wearing a very sexy minidress -- and looking amazing in it.  He looked so delicate, so feminine.  The short dress made his legs look so long and slender, the high heels he wore added to the effect.   I took a breath and returned to the letter.
"Then last week, another officer borrowed Kimberly for an entire weekend, jetting him off to some swanky island resort.  We assembled some fabulous outfits for your son for this little adventure.  I simply love the very revealing black top combined with the wide leg trousers.  Your son looks like he stepped out of a fashion magazine!  And the fun part of wearing that top - it makes our sissies wish that their boobs were actually larger than they are (but the hormones only work so fast -- don't worry, you can expect a lot more progress in this department over the months ahead).  We also sent your son off with a sexy swimsuit for his resort getaway."

I stopped again to look at these two photos.....

"And please don't be concerned by the expression on Kimberly's face.  I'm happy to report that he is not sneering or frowning for the camera.  Rather, he is genuinely frightened of being sent away for time alone with these men.  As awful as life is for our sissies in the school, they become familiar with their surroundings and the routine and they take comfort in that.  But when they are sent off into the world on their own, with no chaperone, that can be very unsettling.  Your lovely Kimberly was absolutely trembling with fear before being sent off on these two "assignments."                                                                                                                But I'm happy to tell you that in both instances our officer friends were absolutely delighted with Kimberly's company!  
There is a group of three officers who have inquired as to whether they could take Kimberly away for a weekend at a country estate they are renting.  I think that sounds like a marvelous idea.  I'm sure they will find all sorts of ways to keep your darling son busy!  

I expect that there will be some sad faces over at the base when it's time for your Kimberly to be sent home to you.

That's all for now.  We are in the final stages of preparing your son to go home to you!

Sincerely, Mrs. Trainer"


Lee said...

It is amazing what has happened in five short months. Will he finally smile when he sees his Mother and how she decorated his room? I am sure his friends cannot wait to visit.

Angry Bil said...

Little bitch boy being used by real men ❤️

Laura69696 said...

Ne devient elle pas une vraie pute femelle ?

Tammy said...

The idea of being borrowed and used by real men couldn't be better for sissy bitches like me

fernando said...

adoro uma vadia maricas me chamem

ISABELLA, ������������ said...

Quisiera ser ella con ese vestido tan sensual y por supuesto traje de baño en las dos fotos se ve tan sexy y muy hermosísima que me da mucha envidia