Monday, April 29, 2024

A Reluctant Sissy -- Part 8 -- A Letter to Mrs. Trainer

It had been about a month since Kimberly was returned home to me and I decided to write a letter to Mrs. Trainer.

"Dear Mrs. Trainer, 

I can't believe it has already been four weeks since my Kimberly was returned to me.  I can not thank you enough for the dramatic improvements you made to my son's attitude and behavior.  I am so happy to report that he has been an absolute DELIGHT since I picked him up at the airport.

Let me fill you in on some details.

When Kimberly arrived at the International Terminal, he was dressed just as you had promised -- in that adorable cream colored two piece outfit with the belted top and the pleated skirt. And those beautiful high heeled shoes.  If you hadn't prepared me by sending the photo to be ahead of time, I would have fainted seeing how beautiful he looked!  Anyway, as he stepped off the gateway, he walked right up to me, eyes pointed down to my shoes, and he curtsied!  He actually curtsied to me right there in the airport!  He thanked me for sending him to your school and promised that he would never disappoint or disobey me ever again.  I told him that a new life awaited for him at home and off we went.                                                                                  When we arrived home, I showed him to his room which had been completely redecorated since he left.  There was no trace of his past life.  All the furniture was white and there were lacy curtains over the windows. The drawers and closets were already full of his lingerie and dresses and shoes and all the lovely outfits you had shipped to me before he arrived. And of course there was a vanity table and mirror for him to do his hair and make-up.

As you suggested, I wasted no time getting Kimberly introduced to his new schedule and responsibilities.  He is so wonderful at following directions -- I only have to tell him to do things once and he immediately gets busy fulfilling my every need.  Of course that includes all the cooking and cleaning.  But I also have him bathe me every evening -- that was quite an experience the first time for both of us!  I'm sure others would find it quite shocking for me to be naked and bathed by my former son.  But there is nothing sexual about it.  I know it sends a powerful message about who is in charge and who is subservient. 

Also, per your instructions, I arranged for Kimberly to "make amends" for all the past trouble he had caused and believe me, that was a very long list indeed.  I had Kimberly dress in the outfit pictured here.  I know he hated it but he said nothing.  Just look it him!  That dress is ridiculous -- and just perfect for what I had planned.                                                                             About two weeks ago, I had Kimberly put on this outfit.  He knew something was up as soon as he put it on!  And off we went to downtown.  I made a list of every store that he had shoplifted from and we went to each one.  Kimberly went in, curtseyed to the manager and asked for forgiveness for is past misbehavior.  People in the store watching this couldn't believe their eyes.  Most had no idea what they were witnessing -- this absurdly dressed young women, fighting back tears as she (he) begged for forgiveness!  It was wonderful!.

But the best part came next.  After visiting about a dozen stores downtown and several more at the mall -- we went to the high school next!  As you said, there is no reason for Kimberly to ever return to school -- he learned everything he will ever need to know at your training academy.  But Kimberly needed to make amends to many teachers and administrators at the school for all the trouble he had caused.  So there we were -- for a couple of hours.  Walking the hallways, going room to room, office to office, curtseying and apologizing to every teacher and every administrator that had been subject to his misbehavior.  And of course, only a million of his classmates saw him as we walked through the busy hallways.  There were many giggles, much pointing and quite a few "salty" comments from some of his former classmates.  Well that experience was traumatic for Kimberly to say the least.  He was in tears before we were even half through our rounds!

Anyway, life is wonderful with my new and improved Kimberly.  Thank you for saving him and returning him to me.  It was for the best -- especially for him.

Yours,   Mrs. _________"

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Lee said...

Finally home, but alas still not smiling. After a day of humiliation can it be over? Not hardly. Still so much to make amends for and now a visit from a few friends for various reasons. Will he ever be allowed to associate with them again, or will his Mother introduce him to an older Gentleman or two. His new adventures have only just begun.
I do hope his story has not ended.