Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Pretty Little Sissy for Ms. Jones -- Part 1

This is Ms. Jones. She is a forty-ish divorcee with an incredible body and some pretty kinky ideas. While she dates a lot of men, she rarely feels satisfied with conventional relationships. She's tried being with other women and with groups -- but nothing has ever really felt completely fulfilling. That all changed when she got to know Vernon, the boy who lives next door.

Ms. Jones and Vernon have a secret that they share. Actually they have several secrets. One secret is that Vernon is a little sissy fairy who loves to dress up and act like a girl. The other secret is that Ms. Jones has turned sissy Vernon into her feminized love toy.

Ms. Jones had known for some time that Vernon was a little sissy. She had discovered that Vernon was accidentally using the Wi-Fi signal from her house to access the internet. With a little help she was able to monitor the internet sites Vernon visited and even read his emails and blog posts! Well, Ms. Jones learned that Vernon was into some wild stuff. Little Vernon was visiting a bunch of hardcore tranny sites -- including this blog! -- and was exchanging emails with some other sissies and admirers. Thinking that all his internet activity was anonymous, Vernon wrote long emails and posts about how he loved dressing up like a girl, how he longed for someone to turn him into a woman with large breasts, and on and on.

Ms. Jones found it very exciting to be the only person in the world who knew Vernon's secret. She would sometimes subconsciously touch herself as she spied on her little sissy neighbor's internet antics. Over time she found herself thinking about Vernon obsessively, finding the idea of a girly-sissy boy arousing. She decided to take action.

One day when Vernon was taking the garbage cans out and was all alone, Ms. Jones approached him. "Vernon, I have something very important to talk to you about. But I am only going to say this once so listen carefully. I know you are a little sissy crossdresser." Vernon was about to say something to try to deny it but Ms. Jones would have none of it. "Shut up!" she snarled sharply, causing Vernon to jump. "I told you to listen to me and I meant it!" she said in a growling, commanding way. "I know you are a sissy faggot and that's OK with me. I don't plan on telling your mother or anyone -- if you do what I ask of you. Do I have your attention?"

Vernon nodded meekly. Ms. Jones noted with satisfaction how easy it was to dominate him with just a few strong words. She also noted that even dressed as a boy he looked rather girlish, his long brown hair hanging over his rather delicate features.

"Now, I think you are going to like my proposal. Starting tomorrow, you are to come over to my house everyday after school as well as on weekends. I have plenty of girly clothes and make-up and everything you need to have your little sissy fun. I will even help you. How does that sound?"

She already knew the answer. Even though it was hard for him to admit it, the offer was like a dream come true.

The next afternoon Vernon came over to Ms. Jones house as she had instructed. She greeted him with a big hug and brought Vernon up to her bedroom where she had him undress completely, right in front of her. Ms. Jones laughed when she saw how tiny Vernon's little dickie was. Vernon was so embarrassed but completely powerless to do anything other than accept the humiliation he was experiencing.

Ms. Jones reached into a dresser and pulled out a a very pretty white bra and panty set. She explained to Vernon that this underwear belonged to one her girl lovers who was just about the same size as Vernon. She helped Vernon pull on the panties and to tuck his tiny dickie. She then fastened the bra behind his back. "Vernon," she explained, "you are going to have to learn to do this all by yourself." She then brushed out his hair and put some make-up on him. She slipped a pair of sexy, strappy black heels onto his feet. She told him to lie back on her bed as she started to take photos of him. "Do you like this, Ver..." she hesitated. "Do you like this, Veronica?" she asked. 

"Oh, yes, Ms. Jones. Very much," he replied breathlessly.

"Do you like dressing like a girl, Veronica? Are you a little fairy sissy? Well, are you?"

"Yes, Ms. Jones," he replied. "I am a little sissy fairy and I like dressing like a girl."

"Good girl, Veronica," Ms. Jones cooed. "We are going to have a wonderful time together."

As Ms. Jones continued to snap photos of sissy Veronica in his pretty white bra and panties, she asked, "Do you like me?"

"Um, yes. Of course I do," he replied.

"And do you think I'm pretty, Veronica?" she continued.

"Oh yes, Ms. Jones. I think you are beautiful. I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

"And do you wish you could have great big, soft titties, and a pussy, like I have, Veronica?"

"Oh, yes, Ms. Jones. Yes," Vernon panted.

"Good," said Ms. Jones with a satisfied smile. "Because I want us to become very special friends." And with that she took of the blouse and skirt she had been wearing and stood in front of sissy Veronica in just her bra and panties.


  1. I gotta say, the world is less interesting without Ms Jones and sissy Veronica.

  2. love them.............