Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello Boys and Gurls!

Dear all Masters, Mistresses and Sweet Sissies,
Since starting my blog less than 3 weeks ago, I've posted about 25 sissy-themed captions and the blog has been visited over 80 times -- from  14 countries!  Isn't that wonderful!?!  80 hits make me think that there are some people out there that are enjoying my captions.  That makes me feel good.   I think my captions are a little different from what you see on other sites;  I love taking an image of breathtaking glamour and femininity and crafting a little story of sissy transformation to go with the image.
IMPORTANT:  I would really like to have many more Followers.  And I really need more of you to leave Comments.  Your feedback is very very important to me.  Having more Followers and more Comments would encourage me to create more Captions.


  1. The classic high fashion pics are just a joy to look at and do make a great basis for captions.

    I love the storylines and themes i like the ones towards the stronger harsher end of the forced fem spectrum.

    lack of commenting seems to be a problem in general on caption blog but hopefully you'll get more as your following builds as you certainly deserve more.

  2. I just found your blog and I am loving it.

  3. Some of the looks on display are just wonderful - I love old-fashioned femininity. The captions are inventive and often deliciously sexy, particularly those involving hunky, forceful Masters/Husbands. Great blog x